Why does aerobic exercise reduce anxiety?

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Why does aerobic exercise reduce anxiety?Why does aerobic exercise reduce anxiety?Studies have found that endurance exercise can promote the release of neurotrophic factors in the brain.During exercise, muscle cells release irisin, which not only promotes the breakdown of fat and helps with weight loss, but also enters the brain and promotes the expression of neurotrophic factors.Neurotrophic factors in the brain have been linked to improved cognitive performance, improved mood, and reduced anxiety symptoms.Exercise for 3 to 10 hours a week to release the accumulated energy of the muscles of the limbs.This way, the body tells the brain, “Fight or flight, no threat,” and the brain relaxes.(Note: this article part of the content and pictures or quotes from the network, if there are violations please remind private letter –) your “like” and “look” is the greatest encouragement to the miracle!!Family workplace campus/personal development/emotional and psychological counseling