Is Wang Jing’s new Version of “Leaning On Heaven and Killing Dragons” a bad movie?Plot changes into the biggest slot point!

2022-05-19 0 By

On January 31, the film “Lean on the Sky and slay the Dragon jiu Yang Shen Gong” was finally shown on the whole network, did everyone see it?To tell the truth, first put aside the “sky to slay the dragon record of the devil to teach the Lord” and do not do any comparison, or very good, than now a lot of “wuxia film” much stronger, the plot also has a lot of changes, or very interesting.”Rely on the day butcher dragon record of jiuyang divine work” the biggest change is no more than “Yin Su su”, “Yang Xiao”, “small zhao” 3 people actually in the xuan Ice god palm, especially Yin Su is not suicide and dead, and If Zhou Zhi became ji Xiao fu’s daughter!It is estimated that these three points have also become the slot point of many netizens.”Zhou Zhi if”, “small zhao”, “Zhao Min” three people are not so bad online comments, but Zhou Zhi if the eyes a little “gentle”, small Zhao also a little “lovely”, Zhao Min’s acting is still very good, grasp the role is very in place, three people’s performance is in the rules, or very good!According to so see, wang Jing director’s “selection vision” or quite original, at least I personally feel there is no too big problem.As early as before the screening, Wang Jing supported the three heroines, they are very sure, but also very confident.On Jan 30, Wang Jing updated her weibo account, Posting a large number of sexy photos of Qiu, with the caption, “After taking a shower, I watched The film Heaven And Dragon Slaying.”In the photo, Qiu Yi Thick skin white dazzling, big show “beautiful legs” and “back”, very charming, let a person some dazzling, have to say, wang Jing director’s vision is really good ah!Mr. Wong post to Janice man “zhao” sure at noon on January 30, Mr. Wong said: “from the sea shepherd cloud of jing is colourful, have 3” Chinatown “is in acting,” shot 2 “touching mother, welding knife line of” snow “hale second sister, from mei to soft, from soft to ordinary, by ordinary to become the first, and of his range wide, is also very few people in the ninety s.I had a great time working with him on The film “Heaven Leaning on Heaven and Dragon Slaying”.Wang Jing also had some hesitation in the role playing, he considered wen Yongshan in the end is to play Zhao Min or Zhou Zhi if, and finally set her to play Zhao Min, because he felt that if so strong actors play Zhou Zhi if, that play Zhao Min people too tired.Wang Jing also said: “If Zhou Zhi and xiao Zhao is a new person, but also to learn some acting to her, wen Yongshan is estimated in the future will still shine, also hope to soon have the opportunity to cooperate with her again.”Zhou min dress up as “zhao” with thousands of cloud box for a better propaganda film, jing wang also specially invited zhou min take propaganda, cloud thousands edition “small zhao” and zhou min edition box with “zhao”, two people have aficionado and horseback riding, and classic “look back”, although zhou min age a bit big now, facial expression and some stiff, but after see zhao is dressed up,It stirred up a lot of beautiful memories.The movie is actually “magic teach hierarch of handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember”, obviously, if Mr. Wong director hard sequel, I’m afraid to be scold worse, because “they are all old, want to get together is impossible, just start from scratch, and then give up the finale, so is satisfactory, in the words of Mr. Wong director:As for the final result, I think Wang Jing may have tried his best, and I also hope that netizens can spray it lightly.Pictures from the network, please contact to delete infringement.