“New Year walk grassroots” new way to get rich, fish farming

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Many fishermen have dealt with fish for a lifetime but the first ashore fish farming ▲ Hu Zhiqiang is inspecting each fish pond.On Feb. 16 in nanchang area new iron river township of jiangxi province Fang Zhou special freshwater aquaculture co., LTD., 35, fishermen Jason hu is busy busy about in a pond from “fishing man” to “fish” made a merry Jason hu told reporters he now is still dealing with a fish but purse had more hot, the days turn “for catching a” broaden ashore for fishermenOn February 16, the reporter comes to nanchang iron township along the gan river new district drove all the way along a lot of fish ponds and farmland Fang Zhou special freshwater aquaculture co., LTD. Jiangxi province was hidden in a large fish pond the company contracted for more than 100 large and small pond these ponds are different each pond converted into multiple fish pond fish pond edge is blue with yellow networkLattice floor appear reporter saw Jason hu he is having a unique style into the fish pond on the fish feed a fish feed down the pool immediately hilarious fishes eat scrambled up feed Jason hu was once a river township of iron professional fishermen traditionally made a living by fishing in his home before fishermen income instability about two or three year income ten thousand yuan now dry fish farming on at least one yearFive or six of ten thousand yuan, he told reporters after retiring catch fishing Fang Zhou special freshwater aquaculture co., LTD. Jiangxi province absorb fishermen employment like him a lot of fishermen try holding the attitude to the company field tour “hardening road through pond, power supply, water supply, increasing oxygen, ships and other facilities, and aquaculture expert step-by-step, many villagers decided to join the company on the spot.The mode of “catching and raising” broadens the way ashore for us.””Black” of science and technology to help folks say goodbye to the past fishing “weather” is “weather” profession now has a “black technology” fish is a good job of stable and high income Jason hu told reporters in front of fish pond by the breeding, water supply device, feeding device, aerobic equipment, collection of sewage drainage device, water supply equipment, water purification pool of water tank type high density cultivation mode of circulating waterEach fish pond is 12 square meters, 2 meters deep and can produce more than 3,000 kilograms of fish at a time, which is equivalent to an area of 1 mu of ordinary fish pond. The production value of aquaculture is not only recycling of aquaculture water, but also effectively collecting waste and surplus feed. Although it is raised in a tank, the water circulates for 24 hours and the fish is tight.Palate fresh good policy to let the villagers on the “fast track” getting rich “from” fishing man “to” fish ‘both retaining only the shore fishermen hydrophilic homesickness and played a shore fishermen know fish specialty or water current iron river township a total of 80 households farmers breeding area of 18495 mu of fishermen days more bang out of the road to a rural revitalization in recent years to help fishermen “catching turn a” river of ironTownship actively implement the superior species policy to do a good job of fishermen out of social security in 2021 pay back spending 1.03 million yuan of social security has pay social security for 137 fishermen in addition by vessel net recovery and recovery at fishing license, social security benefits, traffic subsidies and make-work, build out fishermen catch old activity room, a variety of ways to help fishermen had switched jobs “our company will expand gauge collectors of science and technologyTo attract more fishermen from the ‘floating on the lake’ to the ‘fast track’ of aquaculture, and lead more retired fishermen to get rich together and contribute to the revitalization of rural areas.”Hu Weiyang said.Source: Jiangxi Morning Post reporter: Zhu Ying editor: Hou Lingjie approved: Liu Yi nuclear hair: Yang Ming ●●●