On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Chinese national football team suffered two goals from fish belly in eight minutes.Multiple walks watch play defense

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Beijing time on February 1, the World preliminary Round of the Asian 12 strong match, The National football team against Vietnam’s game, the service of the National football team is too much to bid farewell to the World Cup.After the start of the game, the defense of the national foot can be said to be miserable.National football team this service potential in the win, with Alan and Luo Guofu as the first, and Wu Lei formed the strongest trident on paper, looking forward to winning 3 points, not to keep the hope of the World Cup, at least on the first day of the New Year do not give fans.However, after the start of the game, the National football players obviously can not lift up the spirit, also do not know what to think, facing the Vietnamese team players do not have a good way, the ball soon came.In the ninth minute, China’s right defence collapsed and Vietnam crossed easily. Hu Jincai opened the scoring, scoring in both legs to become China’s Nemesis.Slow motion shows that the National football team in defense of the Vietnam team’s cross, are walking backwards, until they see the opponent is about to cross the forward force, but some players head down to avoid the ball.Facing less than 1.8 meters of the opponent’s header, the national football players can not contend.The 16th minute, the national foot gate again.Vietnam in the right side of the organization of the offensive, in Vietnam no. 8 player Du Xiong Yong burst into the penalty area, the Chinese football players again walk to watch the play, the result du Xiong Yong easily assist Ruan Jin Ling steal the goal, The Chinese football team in 17 minutes 0-2 down, 8 minutes by two goals, terrible!2 lost the ball, the national team’s defense is empty, let a person very disappointed.It is worth mentioning that The Vietnamese team is the biggest fish in the big 12 tournament, regardless of price or world ranking are not as good as The National football team, and the previous 7 round 0 points, has not got a point.However, in the face of this opponent, the National football team will collapse.