The community transmission chain of the epidemic in Baise has been basically blocked, and social gatherings have been basically eliminated!

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From 12 o ‘clock on February 14 to 8 o ‘clock on February 15, there was one new confirmed case in Guangxi, which was found in a centralized quarantine site in Debao County, Baise City.As of February 15th at 8 in the morning, guangxi has reported the local epidemic, 269 cases of confirmed cases, with 229 cases of baise debao county, jingxi, 32 cases, 3 cases of youjiang area, Tian Yang area in 2 cases, longlin county in 1 case, pingguo, 1 case, nanning jiangnan area in 1 case, all positive personnel are in transit to the designated medical institutions in isolation treatment,All the cases are in stable condition.The reporter understands from conferences, from February 5 solstice on February 8, the epidemic is rapidly rising stage, after February 9, outbreaks are falling volatility, on February 13, down to single digits, on the basis of 6 cases, on February 14, have already dropped to 1 case, the current outbreak of baise community basic block transmission chain, social basic implementation, baise lifted into the controls,The order of economic and social development has been restored in an orderly manner, and major progress has been made in baise epidemic prevention and control.(Source: Guangxi News Network)