Wang Han’s wife left the camera quite mature, turtleneck sweater with a black coat, low-key plain but very thin

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For middle-aged women, it’s important to dress fashionably, to want to dress fashionably.It is not to wear the current popular personality and fashion items, but to show through a certain match, and middle-aged women in the dress, is to highlight the temperament of the style, not blindly to pursue the sense of fashion.Wang Han’s wife’s temperament and dress are introverted and mature, making people feel that although there is a sense of age, it is still elegant forever. This is the collocation charm we should learn to wear.This article will introduce you how to let the temperament has been staying in the United States eyebrow body, stay in our clothes to make girls more advanced.The temperament of middle-aged female wears build contracted collocation girls before collocation temperament style, it is certain to go deeply to understand temperament to wear some skills that build, so-called temperament to wear build, more is to reveal the solemnity that gives oneself age and mature.So it is in collocation above, it is to want the collocation of contracted atmosphere.In colour selection collocation, compared with fancy color, temperament is more inclined to classical color or the color that contains certain calm color.For the sense of line of clothing, it is more inclined to the tough style, that is to say, we often say that the sense of line of clothing should be prominent.This kind of dress style tends to be more suit style.Wang Han’s wife left the camera quite mature, turtleneck sweater with a black coat, low-key plain but very thin.We extend from suits to some extent. For autumn and winter, coats and windbreakers will be better matched. For summer, shirts must be a better choice.In our in-depth understanding of temperament and style, after more basic collocation, we can choose black long suit coat when matching clothes in autumn and winter season.For coat neckline, collarless neckline is very popular at present, but incomparable neckline compared with the classic lapel neckline, although it is more fashionable and delicate, it has a high sense of quality and style, which is not as strong as the lapel.Lapel necklines are a good match for girls who want to be more sophisticated and mature.In order to create a sense of color contrast, we often choose some gray or white to match. Compared with white, gray cold is more to increase the sense of stability, and the overall image is mainly black and gray.But this kind of color for young girls, is more senile color, so girls in the collocation of this series of clothing, must be matched according to their age.But young girls, we can absorb the matching skills here, such as our inner clothes, can choose white or off-white.Instant gray slants mature and sedate style, it is to be able to get certain weaken, visual experience is to be able to be more comfortable, more gentle.It is also very suitable for young girls to wear.Yang Lele is very mature with short hair, wearing a coat with a high collar inside, 43 years old looks very real.It is often paired with two styles, a knit with a high neck and a shirt with a V-neck or round neck.The final visual effect of these two styles is different, and the knitted sweater with high neck is more mature.More temperament, V-neck shirt and round collar shirt, on the contrary, will be more casual and natural, will make the overall coat mature style become more age-reducing.Middle-aged girls can dress according to the style they want. If you want to be more mature, a high-necked sweater will perform better than a V-neck sweater. If you want to be more age-reducing, more casual and casual, then a V-neck shirt will perform better.We also need to match the bottoms according to the overall style, if the choice is a high neck sweater, then fairies should wear wide leg pants.Because the style of wide-leg pants will be more harmonious with the overall style, if we want to wear more casual, then jeans should be matched with v-neck shirt, the collision of these two styles will be more friendly.Middle-aged women’s temperament to wear template leather jacket when it comes to the style of temperament clothing, in fact, we have talked about the sense of line clothing.In addition to the sense of line of clothing, in fact, we can also create through the fabric.Fabrics are divided into two categories.One is soft fabric, the other is relatively tough fabric, about the temperament of wearing inside, tough fabric to show the temperament must be more bright, more impact.Moreover, the sense of line created by the tough fabric is also very outstanding. If girls choose clothes, use the fabric of clothes to create a sense of line. In this kind of collocation, the fabric of leather jacket must be a better collocation.On the whole leather fabric, we matched leather tights and high-waisted boots, and the leggings were still clean. Although the neckline was in the style of high collar, its style was relatively loose, integrating some casual style compared with the tight neckline.Collocation leather boots, in the style of the rich above, will make the overall effect more obvious.Khaki color coat collocation jeans girls when wearing a temperamental style, not blindly to go with mature and stable, in fact, we can be in the style of reducing age above a certain temperament collocation.The style shown in this way is more affinity, but also more temperament.For coat colors, we opted for a more approachably warm khaki coat, paired with light blue jeans for a fresh look.