After Fu zuoyi died, his wife was living in difficulties. Premier Zhou reported to the Central Government and Chairman MAO: Take more care of her

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As the capital of the Yuan dynasty, the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty, Beijing’s importance to China is naturally self-evident.The reason why Beijing was preserved so well after the war is not only thanks to the Communists who liberated Peiping smoothly, but also thanks to General Fu Zuoyi.On January 22, 1949, Fu Zuoyi, a senior general of the Kuomintang stationed in Peiping, published an article entitled “Agreement on the Peaceful Liberation of Peiping”.He led the 200,000 troops inside the city to turn over to the Communist Party of China and helped the Communist party to liberate Peiping smoothly.Fu Zuoyi is because Fu Zuoyi has made such a great contribution to the country and the people, so after the founding of the New China, the organization is extremely concerned about Fu Zuoyi and his family.So why did Fu Zuoyi, a senior KMT general, defect?What has the organization done for him?On June 27, 1895, Fu Zuoyi was born in Yuncheng city, Shanxi Province, an ordinary family. Although he was born in a civilian family, he loved reading very much when he was young.At the age of ten, he entered a county school. His diligence and intelligence at school won praise from his teachers. In 1910, he was admitted to Taiyuan Army Primary School with excellent grades.At that time, the Xinhai Revolution broke out, and a wave of anti-imperialist and anti-feudal ethos swept across the country. Influenced by its influence, Fu Zuoyi resolutely responded to the uprising in Taiyuan and joined the ranks of the rebels.Young as he was at the time, he was not at all afraid of battle, and before long he was the leader of the student platoon of the Rebels.This experience of working with the rebels against the Qing army had a profound impact on Fu zuoyi.In order to truly save the people and fire, Fu Zuoyi chose to embark on the road from the army, in 1912 he left Taiyuan Army primary school, to Beijing Qinghe First Army Middle school.Here he systematically studied military theory courses and advanced ideas.Three years later, Fu entered baoding Military Academy as an outstanding graduate, taking infantry courses such as shooting and horsemanship.After studying abroad for many years, he missed his hometown very much. Upon graduation, he returned to his native Shanxi Province and joined the Jin Army under Yan Xishan.Yan Xishan for this highly educated talent, Yan Xishan is also hit the heart of love, not a few years general Fu Zuoyi with his own in the front of the war, sat on the position of the division commander.In January 1927, Zhifeng united the Jin Army and launched an attack on the Nationalist army. Fu Zuoyi, who was fighting with song Zheyuan of the Nationalist Army on the front line, took the eighth Regiment of the Jin Army and held tianzhen city to the death.With this war fu zuoyi’s reputation officially began, he suddenly changed to sit on the position of division commander, but due to the late anti-Chiang Kai-shek failure, On January 16, 1931, Fu zuoyi’s 10th Army was reduced to the northeast Border Defense army 10th Division.Even though the anti-Chiang campaign failed, Fu zuoyi did not forget his passion to fight for the people.After the outbreak of the 918 Incident in 1931, Fu Zuoyi, together with more than 50 northern generals including Song Zheyuan, immediately established the idea of fighting together in times of difficulty.In January 1933, the Japanese army attacked Shanhaiguan, which opened the prelude of the Anti-Japanese War on the Great Wall. After the outbreak of the war, Fu Zuoyi immediately volunteered to Chiang Kai-shek and set foot on the road of the Anti-Japanese War.In this battle, Fu Zuoyi personally came to the battlefield, regardless of personal life and death, severely attacked the Japanese invaders.However, when Fu Zuoyi led the soldiers on the front line and the Japanese obsession, he Yingqin gave him the command to stop fighting.Fu Zuoyi immediately after receiving the order red eyes, questioned he Yingqin said: “How I have anti-japanese crime?”Later in he Yingqin’s insistence, Fu Zuoyi angrily executed the withdrawal order, in this way, the last war of the Great Wall war ended.Fu zuoyi was extremely dissatisfied with the Performance of the Kuomintang in this battle, which also planted a seed in his heart to break away from the Kuomintang.Seeing the Japanese about to go deep into the hinterland of China, at this moment of life and death, Chiang Kai-shek was still determined to go his own way, holding high his so-called foreign must first secure the banner, resolutely not the Communist united front.Looking at Chiang Kai-shek’s actions, Fu Zuoyi was also very anxious, but he could not control Chiang Kai-shek’s ideas, can only keep in his own theater, as far as possible to protect the residents of his theater.In the course of subsequent operations, General Fu Zuoyi also followed the Anti-japanese army in the Northern and southern campaigns, for the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan made great contributions.From the early general Fu Zuoyi’s various behaviors, we can see that although he was in the Kuomintang, but his heart of patriotism and love of the people, but is not the heart of others.After all, he belonged to a different camp. After the liberation War broke out, Fu zuoyi stood on the opposite side of the Communist Party.The peaceful liberation of Peiping although the Kuomintang was slightly better equipped than our party in terms of the strength of both sides in the early stage, in the later period under the correct leadership of Chairman MAO, our army turned the tide of the war and liberated many cities.After the battle of Pingping and Tianjin, Fu zuoyi inevitably turned on the Communists, and Chairman MAO, who read the history books, knew very well what Peiping meant to the Chinese.In order to avoid the ancient city of culture from the flames of war, Chairman MAO also changed the way of fierce battles in the past and threw the olive branch of peace talks to Fu Zuoyi.In order to turn the hands of hundreds of thousands of army kuomintang senior generals, the Communist Party of China underground first found and Fu Zuoyi friendship quite deep Ceng Yanyi.As ceng Yanyi’s daughter Ceng Changning is an underground party member, and he and Fu Zuoyi are brothers, so Ceng Changning came to his father’s side, advised him to help.But after they arrived in Peiping, Zeng Yanyi found that Fu zuoyi did not want to talk peace with the Communist party, so the first round of recruitment failed.Then Zeng Yanyi recommended Liu Houtong to our party to continue to work, because Liu Houtong had worked with Fu Zuoyi many times, Fu Zuoyi is also very trust him.With zeng’s help, Liu houtong found Fu.Listen to Liu Houtongxiao of reason, move, Fu Zuoyi that firm heart also began to shake.In order to ensure the successful completion of the work, the party then sent fu Zuoyi’s fellow villainous Du Renzhi, his sworn brother Ma Zhanshan, and his daughter Fu Dongju, secretary Yan Youwen and others.Facts proved that the efforts made by our Party were effective. Under the persuasion of these people, Fu Zuoyi, with great righteousness in his heart, finally relented and agreed to work with the Communist Party to peacefully liberate Peiping.On January 22, 1949, Fu Zuoyi led his troops out of Peiping in accordance with the agreement, and issued the Announcement of the Agreement on the Peaceful Liberation of Peiping, transforming his headquarters into the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army.Fu zuoyi’s action not only defended Peiping, which has a profound cultural heritage, but also avoided many unnecessary casualties. He did a great service for the people and the country.In the peace and liberation work, Fu Zuoyi also personally met Chairman MAO, in fact, and Chairman MAO to meet this matter, Fu Zuoyi heart is very uneasy.Because before that, as a Kuomintang, he did a lot of bad things to the people.At the sight of Chairman MAO, Fu Zuoyi’s eyes moist up, frankly said his heart feel guilty.Seeing him so humble, Chairman MAO consoled him and said, “You should not have such a heavy psychological burden. You have made great contributions this time, and the people will never forget you.”After listening to Chairman MAO, Fu Zuoyi felt a little relieved. After the founding ceremony on October 1, 1949, the organization also began to arrange work for Fu Zuoyi.The party central Committee had planned to appoint him to the position of co-vice-chairman of the National Defence Commission, along with other senior kuomintang generals who had rebelled.However, Chairman MAO said that such arrangements for Fu Zuoyi were far from enough, because Fu zuoyi’s contributions were greater than those of any of them.If Fu Zuoyi had decided to defend Peiping to the death with the Kuomintang, we would not have the city today, nor would we be able to hold meetings in such a place. He has made such great contributions, and we must appoint a minister for him.Hearing Chairman MAO’s words, Fu zuoyi himself was extremely moved. He said that during the Anti-Japanese War, he had done something for the construction of water conservancy projects in Suiyuan. He wanted to continue to do water conservancy construction work and do something practical for the country.So, after consulting Fu himself, the party appointed him minister of water Resources.Although it is said that he sat on the position of the minister of water resources, Fu Zuoyi is not proud, but still maintain a hard and simple style, will serve the people first.According to the staff around Fu Zuoyi, Fu Zuoyi never pay attention to ostentatious when going out, in order to save money for the organization, he would often give up the organization for his arrangement of the special carriage, and the staff shared in the soft sleeper box.He also told his subordinates bluntly, We can sit on hard seats together because we can connect with the masses.Fu zuoyi was very frugal not only when he went out, but also when he had meals on weekdays. Once, when he visited the grass-roots level, the local leaders arranged a table of good wine and good dishes for him.Fu’s face changed at the sight of the local leaders’ extravagance, and he summoned his secretary and other officials to reiterate the central government’s policy against extravagance.Although General Fu has held high office for many years, he is well aware of the hardships of the people at the bottom and how hard that money has come.And he often set aside part of his salary for the relief of the more needy.General Fu zuoyi was not only frugal, but also extremely pragmatic in his work style.When he was minister of water resources, whether it was a hot summer or a bitter winter, he always worked in the front line, on-site command work.In his daily work, he often told those around him not to take special care of himself.As a man who came from the old society, he felt very lucky to be able to take part in the great socialist construction of our country. As long as he could serve the people, he would do anything.He worked as the minister of water conservancy for 23 years until October 1972, when he applied for resignation from the central government due to serious illness.Although he left the water conservancy department, but since then he has been concerned about water conservancy construction across the country.Until April 1974, ten days before his death, he was still thinking about the drought in the north and kept asking people who came to visit him in the hospital whether it was raining in the north.It is because Fu Zuoyi has made so much contribution to the people and the country all his life that the central government has always paid great attention to him and his family.On April 19, 1974, Fu zuoyi died of illness forever.In order to take care of his wife Liu Yun’s emotions, Chairman MAO and Premier Zhou also entrusted Deng Yingchao to Liu Yun’s side in the first time, to accompany her to deal with fu Zuoyi’s affairs.As Fu zuoyi was very clean when he was an official, liu Yun’s living conditions were not good after his death.In order to provide security for Liu Yun’s life, the central government immediately issued instructions to the government, relevant departments to give Liu Yun 48 yuan a month living expenses.But even with the central subsidy, Liu Yun’s family’s living conditions are still very tight.After learning of this matter, Premier Zhou immediately reported the situation to the central government, so that the central government can take special care of fu zuoyi’s widow’s life.Chairman MAO saw the document and immediately made his own comments on it.Liu yun not only increased her monthly living expenses to 100 yuan, but also specifically instructed her subordinates to make up for what they had been paid less.Although the physical condition of Chairman MAO and Premier Zhou was not as good as before, they always paid close attention to the living conditions of Liu Yun’s family and gave them help within their power.In fact, just as Chairman MAO said, Fu Zuoyi was a great hero of the people. During the Anti-Japanese War, he always fought in the front line.With his practical actions, he severely attacked the imperialist invaders. During the war of liberation, he risked his life to cooperate with the Communist Party and successfully liberated Peiping City.After the founding of new China, he did a lot of work for Taiwan’s return to China.One year before his death, Fu Zuoyi presided over a symposium held by the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in 1973 to commemorate the 26th anniversary of the Taiwan People’s 228 Uprising.At the meeting, he said emotionally that “the reunification of the motherland is the general trend of The Times and the aspiration of the people, and no force can destroy it.”Perhaps this sentence is also the real reason why General Fu Zuoyi abandoned the dark side. Only laying down arms and embracing peace is the general trend and the common aspiration of the people.