Nanjing Xinbai plans to exchange assets with Nanjing Sanpower Medical To further focus on big health business

2022-05-20 0 By

Beijing News (Zheng Mingzhu) April 6, Nanjing Xinjiekou Department Store Co., LTD. (” Nanjing Xinbai “) announced that it plans to exchange assets with Nanjing Sanpower Medical Management Co., LTD. (” Nanjing Sanpower Medical “) to further focus on big health business.According to the announcement, Nanjing Xinbai plans to replace its 100% stake in its wholly-owned subsidiary nanjing Xinbai Real Estate Development Co., LTD. (” Xinbai Real Estate “) with 80% stake in Xuzhou New Health Geriatric Hospital Co., LTD. (” Xuzhou New Health “) held by Nanjing Sanpower Medical.After the completion of the replacement, the company will hold 80% of the equity of Xuzhou New Health and no longer hold the equity of Xinbai Real Estate.According to the relevant evaluation report, the appraised value of Xuzhou New Health is 2.19 billion yuan, corresponding to the appraised value of 80% equity is 1.752 billion yuan, priced at 1.7301 billion yuan;Sunpak Property has an appraised value of $1.730.1 billion and is valued at $1.730.1 billion.Nanjing new balance, said the move is to further focus on big health business, developing the company’s health business in large upstream and downstream industry chain, the implementation of the company development strategy, implement the company diversified products and services in the field of health business in large speed expansion and business areas, so as to further enhance the profitability of the company, to strengthen the enterprise core competitive ability,At the same time, in order to fulfill the company’s commitment to gradually exit the real estate business.Xuzhou New Health is a third-level hospital jointly funded and built by Nanjing Sanpower Medical And Xuzhou State Assets Investment and Management Group Co., LTD., and will officially open for business in April 2021, according to the announcement.Beijing news reporter Zheng Mingzhu editor Wang Lin proofread Lu Qian