German media praised shougang platform as a model of Winter Olympics, called “industrial Disney”

2022-05-21 0 By

Berlin, February 13 (Xinhua) — By Liu YangGerman magazine Der Spiegel praised the shougang platform as an architectural example of the Winter Olympics and an “industrial Disneyland”, arguing that it is reasonable, appropriate and sustainable to develop winter sports using abandoned industrial parks.Skiing photos with cooling towers and steel facilities in the background may seem “wrong” to some, but they are in fact the perfect place for Olympic sports, der Spiegel magazine said in a recent article titled “Sports facilities in Beijing’s industrial Park: The destination of the Olympics.”In the industrialization process of the International Olympic Movement, shougang’s big jump platform conforms to such a trend, integrating the abandoned industrial park into a new form of business, the article said.While it may seem surreal to wrap the stadium in an industrial landscape, steel production has long since vanished, transforming it into an industrial Disneyland.Compared with other sports facilities that pretend to blend in with nature, the view of shougang’s platform is more authentic.If the choice is between a forest and a cooling tower, the answer is no doubt, not even hesitation.As for the western media’s criticism of the Beijing Winter Olympics in terms of environmental protection, the article said that those who think shougang’s big platform can not reflect the characteristics of winter sports are extremely wrong. It is the most suitable venue for the Current Winter Olympics.”If such an Olympic facility were to appear in a Western city, such as London, Munich or Milan, the media would probably comment on it in the same way — look how cool it is, demonstrating the concept of industrial romanticism.”German company Snowstar participated in the design and construction of shougang Big Jump and genting Ski Park slopestyle course.Dirk Schauemann, head of Snowstar, told German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung that he still remembers his surprise and excitement when he first received the idea of building a permanent platform.”It’s incredible that we finally turned this idea into reality.I like working with the Chinese team. They are very professional and very organized even in small things.The Chinese team is a quick learner and learns very quickly in many technical areas.”Schauemann said.(after)