More than 9,000 volunteers have built an epidemic prevention wall in Xishan, Wuxi

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Local recruitment, scientific groups, volunteer teams for the frontline epidemic prevention reinforcements stand guard……In the face of repeated outbreaks of COVID-19, Xishan District of Wuxi made good use of resources for civilized practice, actively organized volunteers to carry out epidemic prevention and control publicity and volunteer service activities, and built up a strong joint force to fight the epidemic with sincere and down-to-earth action content.A person in charge of the Publicity Department of xishan District Committee said that during the epidemic prevention and control period, Xishan district had more than 9,000 volunteers every day, including “old guard” who had been volunteering for many years, and “new force” who had recently participated in the community.From early morning to late night, volunteers have built a protective wall between residents and the virus, lighting up thousands of homes with a united “volunteer red”.Take the family to do service where I need to go up where the volunteers under the protective mask xishan District Committee publicity Department for the picture “Aunt good, your ling Xi to update!I’ll help you if you can’t!”In the streets of Anzhen, Xishan district, old people often hear the thoughtful tips from volunteer Peng Deying.Peng Deying is the wuxi good man in the fourth quarter of 2019, at the scene of the xishan district total nucleic acid detection in recent days, she every morning at 6 o ‘clock, will report to the community, with street staff, ready to return to tin telephone screening, registration, personnel transport links and so on a series of things, after a busy, she hurriedly rushed to the community first, on one by one, to help maintain order;Evening, wuxi east station guard manpower is not enough, she volunteered to guard in the bayonet line.Temperature measurement, table, persuasion.”Volunteer work is actually quite hard, because the protective clothing is expensive, so try to wear it.”Peng deying said she was afraid to drink water and her lips cracked so dry when she took off her “armor” every day.Peng deying is not alone in the fight. Since the Lantern Festival this year, the epidemic has been repeated. She also brought her 26-year-old daughter, Cao Shuxiang, to volunteer to protect Xishan.Wu Danning, a government worker from Yangjian town in Xishan District, also volunteered with her family.”Since the beginning of Operation Doorbell, we have been understaffed and each volunteer has been given too many tasks.”Wu danning said that after the outbreak, the company stopped production, and her boyfriend Jin Mingxin, who works at home, saw her busy all day, also volunteered to help maintain order at the nucleic acid testing site.At 6 am, Hui Xianggrong, 73, had already “called” several elderly sisters through the wechat group to help the community nucleic acid sampling staff to work on the spot, so as to ensure that the samples are not leaked to households and people.Usually busy with singing, dancing and tai Chi, the “grandma group” became the most active volunteers in the community when the epidemic hit.Most of the 70-year-old people are retired party members. Yang Jufen, Ni Guoying and Xia Shoufen are senior volunteers who have been actively helping since the beginning of the epidemic in 2020.Hui Xiangrong, who was born in 1949 and retired as a medical doctor at a hospital, has gathered her fellow members of the Xishan Elderly Sports Association to form a community “grandma Group” volunteer service team in the fight against the epidemic since it first emerged in 2020.”I was a medical worker before I retired, and I know everything about epidemic prevention!The epidemic is coming, and everyone is responding!”Hui Xiangrong is the local relatives of overseas Chinese, many relatives are abroad, “less care”, enthusiastic and bright she also actively participate in the streets, community public welfare activities, “see the community is too busy, we help do some small things, when exercise!”In the past two days, the “grandma group” was mainly responsible for door-to-door publicity, nucleic acid sampling site order maintenance, information registration, cards and other work.Knocking on doors, checking information one by one, building sweeps, code sweeps, nucleic acid sampling AIDS and the latest “doorbell operation” are all filled with bright figures of elderly people in red vests.Sometimes, they also make a love meal and serve homemade wontons and cake balls to the epidemic prevention workers at the checkpoints, warming their hearts and stomachs.Practicing the original commitment to fight until the last to participate in the new strength of temperature measurement Xishan District Committee publicity department provided the picture “do not leave the community, strictly prohibit gathering”, is the qingming Festival xishan whole area “silent” appearance.”It’s a holiday these days, so it’s very quiet inside the containment area. The hoarse voices of volunteers come from loudspeakers, and I feel I should join in.”When it comes to their original intention to become volunteers, many young volunteers can hardly hide their empathy and heartache. After they volunteer to work, they also fulfill their original commitment with actions.At a nucleic acid sampling site in Langxia village, Yangjian Town, a young female volunteer’s eyes were wet with fog, her fingers swollen from repeated alcohol disinfection.Huo Qingqi is the “Big White” volunteer of changtai International, a containment community. Since the outbreak of this round of epidemic, he has been busy in the field of order maintenance and delivery of supplies. He was called to go where he was in a hurry.Someone urged him to rest his feet, but the 50-year-old refused. “I have a community of residents waiting for me.”Diversion, registration, re-release…Huang Wei, a veteran, is one of many volunteers at wuxi East Railway Station, one of the key checkpoints, on duty for more than 12 hours a day.Despite the recent suspension of many high-speed trains for more than a month, there are still 8,000 to 9,000 people crossing the border every day.It is Huang Wei’s wish to stay out of the firing line and fight to the end, as well as his responsibility and responsibility as a veteran party member and volunteer.(Tao Jie Wu Yuqi Ran an)