Network “cloud” teaching and research hand in hand to promote development

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English topics job design network “to deepen the” ShuangJian “under the background of effective classroom teaching reform, further explore topics job design train of thought, fully promote students’ core accomplishment, March 31, feixi county township yan shop center and hefei rice fragrant village primary school YueXi road campus English teachers conduct job design based on unit subject network research activities.Four teachers from yandian primary school made overall lesson preparation based on English subject standards and showed five Unit3 homework designs in each class.They deeply analyze the key content of the unit, extract the main topic, dig out the teaching objectives of the unit and class hour, reshape the design of unit homework, gradually promote the homework tasks that fit students’ actual life, stimulate students’ existing knowledge reserve and life experience, and complete the after-class learning naturally, efficiently and deeply.Rice fragrant village elementary school YueXi road campus English of grade five group, director of su-li xing Du Fangfang, Lu Donghong teacher, Wang Ying teacher for teachers speak from teaching materials, learning objectives, units operating target, job design train of thought and content expressed his unit theme homework design concept, modification proposals are put forward.It was proposed that students should complete a series of tasks to form an overall understanding of each unit theme, so as to experience the cultural connotation of language and build a bridge between knowledge and life.Vice Principal Zheng Pengming, who is in charge of teaching, emphasized that homework design should be based on core literacy, carefully excavate textbook content, develop intelligent, interesting and diverse homework, make English homework enjoyable and let students finish homework more happily.Mr. Lu Kun, principal of Yandian Central School, fully affirmed the online teaching and research activities of the English group and appreciated the teachers’ enthusiasm and unremitting pursuit of education.This “Cloud teaching and Research” activity, while sharing online teaching experience, narrowed the distance between schools, enhanced the friendship, but also improved the ability of English unit theme homework design.