Ruihu 7 profit promotion in the current discount up to 1000 yuan

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The new appearance is young and vibrant, but also chery’s new “peak grid design concept” of an SUV model.The main difference between the simultaneous Launch of the Tiger 7 and The Tiger 7 PRO is in the details of the engine and grille, otherwise the two models are basically the same.However, in terms of the future planning of the market, the low-priced Tiger 7 is likely to become the main sales model.In the interior, the new generation Ruihu 7 God travel version follows the design style of the common model’s hugging technology cockpit.The three-screen interactive design is adopted, and two interior colors of beige black and red black are available to create a high-tech and luxurious driving atmosphere.The whole system is equipped with intelligent electronic shift, ergonomic luxury leather seats and the super-large intelligent anti-clip panoramic sunroof leading the same level, presenting a stronger fashion sense.Hurry up and drive your car home!Please call for more information.Dedicated sales VIP team, to provide you with superior service quality.In order to better purchase experience, please make an appointment in advance to find our sales consultant, advance appointment will be exquisite gifts!★★★ Can be listed 7 heavy gift cash gift: make up 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan car financial gift: enjoy to high 5000 yuan financial subsidy replacement gift: enjoy to high 7000 yuan full product replacement subsidy purchase gift: enjoy to high 3000 yuan purchase subsidy warranty gift: enjoy free lifetime engine warranty (replacement owners) flow gift:Enjoy basic flow free for life, entertainment flow 1 year free (limited to the first owner) health gift: enjoy CN95 medical grade air filter (factory has been carried) replacement, purchase policy two choose one, not at the same time enjoy * car gift: successful car purchase can obtain the value of 6880 yuan new gift package, details please consult my shop professional sales consultant.★★★1. To the shop is a beautiful gift;2. Customized gift for test drive;3. You can enter the Golden Egg Sweepstakes by booking a car.4. When old customers are introduced to new customers, old customers will receive two free basic maintenance;5. Lifelong free after-sale service of trailer in Hefei city;6. Free car wash for life;7. Gift of 6880 yuan value decoration package (1280 yuan value of the whole car health and environmental protection film;1 time of imported plated crystal package worth rmb1880;Worth 1920 yuan new car formaldehyde removal package 4 times;American Colin yacht waxing package worth 460 YUAN 4 times;Worth 1020 yuan, indoor plastic care, polishing and maintenance package 4 times;Glass water worth 260 yuan;Anhui Ruizheng Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD was established on August 14, 2019 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan.Main business: The company has a set of vehicle Sales, Spare Parts supply, after-sales Services, Survey in one of the auto Sales 4S service stores, the main chery automobile.Anhui Ruizheng Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD., with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, has more than 100 employees, including sales Department, after-sales service Department, value-added business department, Marketing Department, customer service Department, administration Department and finance Department. The staff have passed the professional training and certification of Chery, and strive to provide you with better service.Real car appreciation: 400-968-0218!In the sales process to provide customers with professional guidance, put forward a comprehensive offer;In the after-sales service to transparent, open, fast, keep promise for the creed, to provide customers with professional and intimate after-sales service and car maintenance, maintenance suggestions and reminders;In terms of computer system, in order to more quickly accurately maintained a good business relationship with chery manufacturer and information communication, improve the work efficiency and service quality, achieved the integration of work, the company brought in by chery company in global research and development system, ensure that between chery and build up a high efficient, the commercialization process of lasting, fast, economic,The real realization of customer sales information interaction between manufacturers.Chery manufacturer authorized 4-star dealer.Hefei no.1, Anhui top three, the national top 10 outstanding dealers of single shop, now invite you to the shop to enjoy the car test drive.Address of the exhibition hall: No. 1008, Inner Fu Road, Hengxin Automobile City, Mengcheng North Road, Luyang District, Hefei After-sale address: 100 meters east of the intersection of Fuyang North Road and Qinghe Road, Luyang District, Hefei