Song Liqi has regrets because of the plight of his hometown, can squeeze out Qian Jingwen, competition first fear no advantage

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Recently, the epidemic prevention situation in Shandong is tense, and many cities have been accidentally “caught”, which makes Song Liqi, who is following the shandong women’s volleyball team training, also update the news today, said: if there is no epidemic, it would be great.This is apparently song Liqi on the plight of the current hometown issued a trace of emotion.But many fans seem to care more about Song Liqi prospects for next season, she will be in the starting, once Song Liqi, really is the good person for shandong starting main women’s volleyball, there have been high on 5 on the list of best main performance, unfortunately, Song Liqi in nearly two years seemingly has not been Li Yanlong burden, especially in the case of a Qian Jingwen,Song Liqi is basically a supporting role in the supporting role, almost no sense of presence, even qian Jingwen’s backup, and last season, Song Liqi was seconded to Zhejiang Women’s Volleyball team, representing the Zhejiang women’s Volleyball team in the Super league, played a good standard.Not, Song Liqi in earlier return to shandong women’s volleyball team, with the former Chinese women’s volleyball team assistant, shandong women’s volleyball coach – jiajie training now, all the Song Liqi next season for the first thing is good, but in my opinion, Song Liqi may supplant Qian Jingwen, but want to update, I’m afraid it is difficult to to Qian Jingwen performance in recent years,She is almost a pass, attack are insufficient state, and Li Yanlong constantly reuse Qian Jingwen, is also more clearly see the weakness of Qian Jingwen, in contrast to Song Liqi, when she played more outstanding zhejiang women’s volleyball team, want to get rid of Qian Jingwen is not difficult.Can squeeze out qian Jingwen can give Song Liqi first place?This is obviously impossible, the reason is that Qian Jingwen lost the starting seat as early as last season, Song Liqi pushed qian Jingwen, but also pushed out the substitute, there is no sense for her to compete for the team starting, and Song Liqi’s real competitors are Che Wenhan, Du Qingqing, last season,Che Wenhan attack, a pass all the performance makes many people surprised, although still relatively immature, but this can only say that Che Wenhan is currently lack of enough time, but even so, CHE Wenhan is probably more important in the eyes of An Jiajie.As for Du qingqing, there may be many people think that Du qingqing and Song Liqi are completely different types, how could it be song’s main competition for starting?Indeed, Du Qingqing and Song Liqi are really two styles of players, Song Liqi is strong in a pass, Du Qingqing is focused on the attack, supposedly complementary combination, why instead become the opponent?The reason is actually very simple, that is Du Qingqing in recent years has gradually become an attack, a pass can pick the all-rounder main attack, in the past two seasons, Du Qingqing’s pass success rate is quite good, this is undoubtedly make Song Liqi lost the biggest reliance.To tell the truth, I welcome the return of Song Liqi, but her return is right or wrong, whether there is a chance to compete for the first, THE author is not optimistic, after all, Song Liqi can edge qian Jingwen, but in the face of Car Wenhan and Du Qingqing, Song Liqi and their competition for the first I am afraid there is no advantage.Song Liqi has regrets because of the difficulties in his hometown, but he can beat Qian Jingwen and compete for the first time. I am small to chat about sports, focusing on sharing the interesting news of sports, welcome readers to comment, forward, participate in the competition discussion!