Students 5500 yuan lost tuition yangxin police half an hour to help find

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Recently, wang Ying, a student studying in daye city vocational and technical school, contacted Yangxintai reporter by phone, told him 5500 yuan tuition lost accidentally, west Gate police station police quickly help find, want to express gratitude through the media unit.After learning the situation, the reporter rushed to the West gate police station for the first time to find the day on duty auxiliary police Ming Ping State.Minh Binh Bong said: “When we received the emergency call, we found out it was a little girl who was very emotional and ready to cry.At that time, AFTER I calmed her down, I learned that she had dropped a book packed with school tuition fees on the van. I felt the situation was urgent and immediately reported to the captain.Mingping State report captain is west Gate police station captain Fei Kang, the reporter through him to further restore the female student Wang Ying lost tuition process:Wang Ying, 16, is a resident of Xiyuan Village, paishi town. At 1:30 p.m. on The 21st of this month, she took a gray van and accidentally left her backpack in the van when she got off the road from Paishi Town to Jinhu Haoyuan in Xingguo City.In the backpack was 5,500 yuan that her parents had saved to pay for her education.Anxious, Wang immediately called 110 and went to Ximen police Station for help.During our contact with the female student, she was very worried, Fichan said.At that time, our police station immediately launched the integrated operation platform of “Affection and diligence”, which was divided into three groups. One group calmed down the female students’ emotions, another group visited the scene to understand the relevant situation, and the third group started video investigation, and finally quickly locked the female students taking the van.Fei Kang said that after finding the van, the police station immediately contacted the owner of the van, the owner also actively cooperated and sent the backpack to the police station at the fastest speed.It took only 30 minutes for the student to retrieve her backpack and tuition fees.During the interview, after the reporter contacted Wang Ying who was going to school by mobile phone, Wang Ying once again expressed her sincere thanks to the police!Wang Ying said: MY tuition lost and recovered, at this moment, my heart only thanks and gratitude, thank the police uncle, hard!(Source: Yunshangyangxin Sun Minghui)