Will you go back to Japan when the pandemic is over?

2022-05-21 0 By

As a result of the Novel Coronavirus, the number of foreign visitors to Japan has continued to fall at record levels over the past two years.Some time ago, he directly closed the country, reducing the number of people entering the country to close to 0.In March, It became clear that Japan would gradually open its door to the outside world by raising the maximum number of daily visitors to 5,000.Are you still willing to go to this once popular tourist destination after the epidemic?Vote at the end!In June this year, the Development Bank of Japan, a government-affiliated financial institution, conducted a survey of 62,000 people in 12 countries including the U.s., France, China and Korea through the Internet and the Japan Transportation Corporation, a public welfare foundation.Japan remains the most popular destination, according to the survey.When asked which countries and regions they would like to visit once the pandemic is over, Japan topped the list with 46 percent.The second place is South Korea with 22 percent, and the third place is Taiwan with 17 percent, indicating that Japan is the most popular destination after the outbreak.Meanwhile, when asked if they would like to travel abroad after the COVID-19 outbreak ends, 82% said they would and 82% said they would.I think we’re all full of it.”Countries still tend to be cautious about the timing of resuming overseas travel, given the deep-seated anxiety about infection, but the underlying motivation to travel is high,” said a Japan Development Bank insider who conducted the survey.The most important thing is to do a good job in health and safety.What is so popular about Japan?The survey also asked tourists what attracts them to Japan and why they want to visit Japan from a variety of questions.47 percent of the respondents said they want to visit tourist attractions and facilities.That approval, after all, is too much to clock in.The second most popular reason was good food, with 43 percent.I beg to differ. The food is still the richness of great China.Personally, I think Japanese food is suitable for tasting, not for eating regularly.In third place, 37 percent said, I have traveled before and enjoyed it.The fourth reason was cleanliness, with 36 percent.The visitor has held up well in his absence for years.These programs ranked first in Japan among more than 30 destinations, ahead of Singapore and New Zealand.On the other hand, when asked which destination they would like to visit in Japan, Tokyo ranked first with 47 percent.After all, the most famous.Tokyo Sky Tree & Mount Fuji – Hokkaido ranked second with 42 percent.How Hokkaido manages to associate romance with the city remains a mystery.Kansai ranked third with 37 percent.Osaka, Kyoto, Nara.Experience the perfect fusion of historical culture and modern city.Yokohama and Hakone ranked fourth with 30 percent.”Xiao Li is in Hakone”, those who learn Japanese will go to Hakone to soak in hot springs and drink hot springs water.So would you still choose Japan as your destination?