Chiang Mai people’s “local Spring Festival”, too top

2022-05-22 0 By

The Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and the streets of Chiang Mai are full of “Chinese red”.Chiang Mai major shopping malls, supermarkets are selling all kinds of New Year goods.Red is the most intuitive understanding of The Spring Festival for Thai people.These days, men and women are wearing red clothes.Especially girls, all coincidentally put on the red cheongsam, has become a beautiful scene in the streets of Chiang Mai these days.Wearing red clothes, hanging red lanterns, dragon and lion dances…These Spring Festival “local flavor” folk customs, in many parts of China have been more and more far away from us.However, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the taste of New Year is still preserved in our childhood memories.Such “local Spring Festival” is actually the inheritance of tradition and the persistence of local culture by overseas Chinese.Koreans living in Chiang Mai can enjoy the Local Chinese New Year by visiting Chinatown or Central Festival mall.From now to February 6, Chiang Mai Central Festival Mall will hold THE theme OF “2022 POWER OF THE GREAT TIGER” Spring Festival activities, activities will be small “Chinatown”, worship THE god OF wealth, with THE “large golden fan” photo, with THE TIGER (real TIGER oh) and so on.Not to be missed!