Forbid China to sell mobile phones to Russia?The White House’s unreasonable demands infuriated Russia: the next scene was soothing

2022-05-22 0 By

According to itar-Tass news agency on April 3, the Financial Times recently published an article saying that China will face sanctions if it continues to export telecommunications equipment and mobile phones to Russia.The US does not allow Chinese companies to sell mobile phones to Russia. This unreasonable request makes you very angry.Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that China will not be intimidated by the West, which clearly does not understand China.Zakharova said That China has successfully resisted western sanctions and built a strong country, and that western threats are useless. Her comments were soothing.The West wants to impose sweeping sanctions that isolate Russia in international relations and cut it out of touch with modern society.However, the United States can not say this, because many countries are willing to continue to maintain normal economic and trade relations with Russia.The US solution always seems to be the threat. On March 31, the Financial Times published an article saying that if Chinese companies continue to export telecommunications equipment and mobile phones to Russia, they will face sanctions from the US.The implication is that Chinese companies will not be allowed to export mobile phones and high-tech products to Russia, or they will face sanctions from the United States.But for some Chinese companies, even without cooperation with Russia, the US sanctions have never stopped.Huawei, for example, was sanctioned by the US just because of its good development.Huawei signed an agreement with Russia this year to promote 5G construction in the country.After the russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, the United States put forward a lot of unreasonable requirements, such as freezing Russian deposits in some countries, requiring Boeing to stop providing parts and services, and Apple and Google to stop providing services in Russia.Now the US has reached out to Chinese companies and banned them from providing mobile phones to Russia, which has angered Russia.’China is a great country,’ Zakharova said at a news conference when asked how she saw the issue. ‘They have successfully resisted the U.S. sanctions to get where they are today.’Does the West think it can intimidate China?It is clear that western countries do not know China, and they are not scared to achieve what they have achieved today.Zakharova’s comments were soothing.China’s position on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is clear. We remain neutral and do not take sides.China does not approve of western countries’ actions to impose sanctions on Russia and believes that unilateral sanctions are not conducive to resolving the issue, so China will not participate in the sanctions.The US is behind the conflict and should bear a great deal of responsibility for it.On several occasions, White House officials have urged China to respect and participate in the sanctions, or face the consequences.However, China has its own judgment. China and Russia have very close relations and normal trade between the two countries will not be affected.Western countries should not try to drive a wedge between China and Russia by means of sanctions.Many Chinese high-tech companies have been sanctioned by the US. Is it really of much use to threaten these companies with sanctions?Western companies, affected by sanctions and other factors, may need to exit the Russian market, which is a good opportunity for Chinese companies.Russia has a population of more than 100 million. It is also a big market, which can be occupied by Chinese enterprises instead of Western enterprises.Western countries will eventually find that sanctions against Russia will not have that much effect, and the negative impact on them may be greater.