Glory Magic4 to reach the DxOMark top;Realme GT Neo3 release;LG Electronics launches its 2022 OLED TV

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(Global TMTmarch 26, 2022) Glory in the domestic release of all-round wisdom flagship mobile phone glory Magic4 to reach version;Realme launches RealMe GT Neo3 smartphone;LG Electronics 2022 OLED TV launched;Casio launches new watches;Tronsmart launches Bang outdoor sound with TuneConn technology;Inspur information released the first meta-universe server MetaEngine;Isoftstone independently developed OpenHarmony “Sail” rich equipment development board was officially released;Lidar supplier Ouster announces new Chronos chip.Glory of consumer electronics: Glory Magic4 to Reach version Glory of Glory Magic4 to reach version is launched in China.According to the latest data of DXOMARK, as of March 17, Honor Magic4 to Reach the top of the list with 146 points, and the AI intelligence ability makes Honor stand for the first time in the position of the world’s first high-end image.Honor Magic4 ultimate edition uses the most powerful and comprehensive camera system ever found on honor smartphones.50 megapixel custom sensor lens, using custom 8P lens design;64 million pixel 7P lens, using the industry’s first double freeform lens;64 megaphoto telephoto camera with 100x digital zoom;50 megapixel ultra wide Angle lens;And HONOR Image Engine Image Engine, providing new 4K super night view video shooting capabilities.Realme has launched the RealMe GT Neo3 smartphone, powered by an advanced Pixelworks X5 series of vision processors.Realme GT Neo3 is one of the first mobile phone manufacturers to be equipped with Breguet 8100 processor. Breguet 8100 processor is manufactured using TSMC 5nm process and is equipped with mature and stable eight-core CPU architecture, six-core GPU and AI computing unit.At the same time, RealMe GT Neo3 smart phone is also the first to carry 150W light-speed second charging technology, which can achieve the ultimate charging speed of “50% charging in 5 minutes”.The realme GT Neo3 smartphone comes with a 6.7-inch FHD+120Hz OLED flexible drin-like screen with a 10Bit color depth and a resolution of 2412 x1080 pixels.LG Electronics USA has announced that its OLED TV for CES 2022 is now available.The new product line offers excellent picture quality, more screen sizes and a customizable viewing experience.LG’s 2022 MODEL will be powered by a fifth-generation alpha 9 processor, and the panels will be used in G2 and C2 TVS.Among them, the C-series TV has a 42-inch model and the G-series TV has a 97-inch model.Every HDMI port on G and C series TVS will offer full HDMI2.1 functionality and will use the full 48Gbps bandwidth.Bga-310c-3a /BGA-310C-2A/BGA-310C-1ABGA-310-4A/BGA-310-7A/BGA-310-7A2Casio will gradually introduce a total of six bGA-310 and BGA-310C watches designed and coloured for outdoor fashion.All three BGA-310C watch straps are made of environmentally friendly fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.All six models feature high-intensity dual LED lights that illuminate the LCD and dial even in dark places for easy time telling.In addition to a large and easy-to-use light button under the 6 o ‘clock position, there is an automatic light feature for hands-free use.When the function is set, simply tilt your wrist and the watch lights up.Casio has announced the latest addition to the G-Shock brand of shock-resistant watches.With innovative ultra-thin modules and shockproof construction, the MTG-B3000 is a more streamlined addition to the MT-G series of watches, all of which take full advantage of the properties of metals and resins in their construction.The MTG-B3000 features radio-controlled calibration and Smartphone Link via Bluetooth.The watch can be connected to a Casio watch-specific smartphone app to automatically adjust the time.In addition, it is equipped with a solar charging system and high brightness LED lights, which are convenient and practical.Casio has announced the launch of the g-Shock brand MR-G flagship line of shock-resistant watches.While paying homage to the design of the DW-5000C, the first G-Shock product released in 1983, the MRG-B5000 also brings a gorgeous sheen and noble quality to the shockproof watch by employing the most advanced master metal polishing process.In terms of functions, the MRG-B5000 has radio-controlled calibration and smartphone connectivity.The watch connects to a dedicated CASIO WATCHES smartphone app to automatically calibrate the time.It also comes with a solar charging system and high-brightness LED lights for added convenience.Tronsmart: Bang Outdoor Sound Tronsmart introduces the Bang outdoor sound using TuneConn technology.TuneConn technology integrated with double DSP audio processing technology, can provide from the EQ to enhance the bass and treble, dynamic balancer, dynamic EQ, DRC treatment for processing capacity and digital amplifier, so, which provide higher resolution with lower distortion and rich details of audio streams, can ensure excellent synchronization between different bluetooth stereo,It can connect more than 100 speakers and play music at the same beat.With Tronsmart TuneConn technology, BANG is able to sync with up to 100 other BANG speakers, amplifying the audiovisual experience and making the sound loud enough for outdoor activities.The rugged design and built-in handle make it easy to carry, and IPX6 waterproof protection makes it ideal for beach or pool use.The 15-hour playback time and emergency charging feature make it ideal for travel.MetaEngine hardware wave: meta universe server MetaEngine information released the first meta universe server MetaEngine, fully supporting NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise.A single meta-universe server can support collaborative creation by 256-bit cosmic architects, AIGC delivers 2000 digital scenes per second, and 1000 VR/AR users share the smooth experience of 10K ultra HD 3D digital world.Inspur meta-universe server MetaEngine can be applied to many scenarios, including real-time rendering of digital twin scenes, rapid generation of digital people, and high-precision simulation of physical laws.Isoftstone has launched its own OpenHarmony development board, which is the third OpenHarmony development kit released by Isoftstone following the launch of “Launch KS” and “Launch KP”.”Yangfan” is based on Big.Little architecture, and its stable Wi-Fi connectivity and rich expansion interfaces can meet the requirements of various peripherals in the market.”Yangfan” is equipped with OpenHarmony rich equipment, which really has stronger and faster advantages such as high integration, rich interface, stable performance and wide application scenarios. It can be widely used in computers, personal Internet mobile devices, VR, advertising machines, printers, gates and other intelligent terminal devices.High resolution digital lidar supplier Ouster has released its latest Chronos chip, an automotive, fully customized digital lidar receiver chip that will be installed on its DF series solid state lidar.The Chronos chip is the foundation of the entire DF architecture, ensuring that Ouster is able to deliver higher performance, more efficient and more compact digital lidar to help production vehicles achieve L2 to L5 levels of automation.Chronos chip is designed to meet asIL-B automotive functional safety requirements under ISO 26262 and AEC-Q100.Ouster plans to stream Chronos chips by the end of 2022 and integrate the chips into the first samples by 2023, with the final DF series targeted for a 2025 production vehicle program.