Jiao big mouth “raise brother-in-law” who is the person?Behind is jia Xichun do not want to face the truth

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There are many small characters in a Dream of Red Mansions, but few of them become famous after only one appearance like Jiao Da.Jiao big visibility is too high, high to all can and Lin Daiyu in the same breath as xiehouyu.And the reason why so, nothing more than because of his a rock – shattering drunk scold.In the seventh, because of dissatisfaction with the housekeeper lai two arranged errands, coke while the wine strength to curse, Wang Xifeng has always been harsh to people, where to see this eyes no master of the slave, on the spot let Jia Rong and others strict, it is best to send it to the following Zhuangzi.Jia Rong, hearing this, quickly ordered someone to tie up Jiao Da, jiao Da Yue hair was infuriated, suddenly couldn’t choose words to scold: “There hope to give birth to these animals, every day they steal dogs to play chicken, climb ash to climb ash, raise brother-in-law raise brother-in-law, what I don’t know?Let’s tuck our arms in our sleeves!”Jiao big this scold, be like pinghu jing thunder, the person of present no matter master son or slave, all frighten soul fly to heaven outside, those little boy be anxious hurriedly to his mouth fill up horse dung.In jiao da’s drunken abuse, two incestuous acts are mentioned, among which “creeping ashes” are known to those who are familiar with a Dream of Red Mansions. Although this is not explicitly stated in the book, we can clearly see their love affair through countless details.For example, Qin Keqing was sick and Jia Zhen was in a hurry.After The death of Qin Ke jia Zhen crutches such as funeral;And more intuitive, of course, is before jiao da drunk scold this paragraph, the book directly point out: “Jiao da even jia Zhen also scold out.””Climbing ash”, coke really did not make things up, so “keep brother-in-law”?Who was that jiao was yelling at?”Brother-in-law”, it should be aimed at ningguo mansion of a female master, and then the jia female master, qin ke and YouShi, a lot of people think is qin ke and jia qiang, however to Gu Zhen qin ke’s emotion, jia qiang is impossible to have such a chance, and according to the description in the book, jia qiang Gu Rong is most likely to behave in such a way.As for qin Keqing and Jia Baoyu, it is not worth refuting, because the relationship is not consistent, Jia Baoyu is Qin Keqing’s uncle, if there is really a problem that can only be regarded as “climbing ash”.What about Mr Yau?From the point of view that You was scolded by Wang Xifeng for her inaction and “blindly trying to gain a virtuous reputation”, we can know how carefully you lived in Ning Fu, which is of course related to the shallow foundation of her family. You, who only tried to gain a virtuous reputation all the time, could not have done such shocking and ugly things.So who did it?A woman has died, she is Jia Xichun’s birth mother.And the evidence is about Jia Xichun a variety of mysterious life information.Swaddling was carried to rongguo Mansion to raise Lin Daiyu early into jia Fu, see jia Fu Sanchun, decorative clothes are consistent, however, in fact, Jia Yingchun and Jia Tanchun is miss Rong Fu, Jia Xichun is ning Fu.According to Leng Zixing, this was because Jia’s mother loved girls and let her study with several Cousins in Rong Fu.However, after all, lengzi xing is not jia House people, know is only fur, in fact, Jia Xichun was born soon, she was held to rong House.In the sixty-fourth time, the boy Xing er introduced jia Xichun to the girls in Hua Zhi Lane with you sisters, and mentioned jia xichun in this way: “Si Girl is small. He is really a sister of Uncle Jane. Since he has no mother since childhood, the old lady ordered his wife to take him and raise him so big.A “hug” word, know Jia Xichun is still in infancy, was placed in the Rong Guo Fu raised.This point is well worth examining.Jia mother likes a girl again, a baby girl in swaddling clothes, in addition to eating is sleeping, she will not interact with people, will not be happy knee, Jia mother figure what?Moreover, after Jia Xichun grew up, jia mother does not necessarily love this granddaughter ah, except once life Jia Xichun painted the grand View garden, the rest of the time basically no communication.And to Jia Xichun’s level, to draw the grand View garden is impossible, so we know that either Jia mother does not understand The spring, or is forced.It’s not a sign of affection in any way.If, jia mother this is poor cherish spring without mother to take care of, ning House also did not have a heart to raise her people, Rong House people, so hold to let cherish spring feel the warmth of the family, it is impossible.Because like jia fu such a rich family, the child was born, are raised by the wet nurse, Jia Xichun no mother is a fact, no matter where the final rely on the wet nurse, can give her maternal love is also wet nurse.It is the same in Ning Fu and Rong Fu.However, Jia Mother will hold her to the rong Mansion, why is this?No more than because jia Xichun is the child of rong House.Don’t believe us to take a look at the clues: one, cold son xing to cherish the spring of the special introduction of the second back to cold son xing and Jia Yucun speech jia Fu characters, jia Fu mentioned four spring, and in the introduction of the four girls, slightly different words.In introducing Jia Yuanchun, he said: “Zheng Daddy’s eldest daughter, named Yuanchun.”The second is Jia Yingchun, said: “two young lady is the concubine of the remission of the father, the name of yingchun.”Again is the third jia Tanchun: “three miss is the concubines of old daddy politics, tanchun.”Careful friends have found, in the introduction of these girls, each of the father is who, is a concubine, have been pointed to, but when it comes to Jia Xichun, but let a person can not see through, I saw cold zixing said: “four miss is ning Fu Jane’s sister, called Spring.”Here unexpectedly contrary to normal, did not point out the father of Xi Chun, but only said that she is Jia Zhen’s sister, this is not very strange?Some people may say, perhaps because Jia Jing but the world of mortals, asking immortal asked, not secular people, so taboo.But in the introduction of Jia Zhen, Leng Zixing is also very naturally mentioned that he is jia Jing’s son ah, and even very disdain said he was just “Hu Pitcher”, which have the slightest respect?Second, Wang xifeng’s position on Xichun’s identity was set at the 55th.After Wang Xifeng’s baby took a rest in bed after giving birth, Mrs. Wang had to temporarily hire Li Wan, Jia Tanchun and Xue Baochai as the temporary manager of the family. During the period, Jia Tanchun’s talents and talents showed their strength, which greatly pleased Wang Xifeng.”I am at a loss for an arm. Although I have a treasure, it is not the first one here. Even if I take it down, it will be useless.Grandma is a Buddha, also useless.The second girl is more useless, and not in this room.Four little girl.Blue boy is even smaller.Ring is a hairy little frozen cat, just waiting for a hot stove pit to get into.”In this paragraph, Wang Xifeng will be a number of sister-in-law brother-in-law moved out, a comment.Unexpectedly, rong Fu affairs, will only be rong Fu people to take care of, like Jia mother birthday a night you found the garden gate did not close, asked a woman against said that this is rong Fu things, but also less than ning Fu people to tube.So what does Wang Xifeng do when she moves Jia Xichun out?More interesting is that when talking about Jia Yingchun, Wang Xifeng also deliberately emphasized that she is “not the person in this room”, but behind the direct comparison of Xichun and Jia Huan, what does this mean?There is only one, that is, Wang Xifeng subconscious will cherish spring, Jia Ring default and Jia Tanchun as “the people in this room”, that is, Jia Zheng a room of people.Three, the author in black and white point out the identity of xi Spring if the introduction of Leng Zixing is vague, Wang Xifeng may also say do not understand, then the author said in black and white words will not be false.In the fifth chapter, in order to reflect jia mother’s love for Lin daiyu, the author uses a way of comparison. The object of comparison is jia mother’s love for Lin daiyu :(daiyu) since she was in rong house, jia mother’s love for her, eating and sleeping, living and sleeping, just like baoyu, yingchun, tanchun and xichun three granddaughters fall behind.This paragraph of text is very plain, the general reader is very easy to ignore, but is in such a paragraph of humble text, the author hid in a big truth, that is cherish the true identity of spring.If Jia Xichun is Jia Jing’s daughter, she can only be Jia mother’s grandniece, according to common sense, grandniece is not as close as granddaughter.But when the author compare, completely just need move out yingchun and jia tanchun, no need to cherish the spring pulled a jia, note that the book is not a general reads “Gu Fu three spring”, but a selects a name, in the author’s level, impossible to forget to cherish spring is miss jia’s identity, so this is his intentional, he secretly tell us,This is Jia Xichun, mother Jia’s own granddaughter, she was born to her own son.Like this, about xi Chun and ning Fu those unreasonable get along with details on the reasonable.For example, Qin Keqing died, Jia Xichun as ning Fu, Jia Rong’s aunt, did not show his face.If jia Xichun was young at that time, his seniority was also big, there was no need to patronize you.So when Jia Jing died, Jia Xichun still did not step into ning Guo Fu, it is very unreasonable.The ancients value funeral ceremony, especially the nobles, more pay attention to this ceremony, so After the death of Qin Keqing her wench willing to act as a step-daughter all fall lost drive spirit of the office, Jia Zhen is grateful.If Xichun is really jia Jing’s only daughter, she does not need mourning?Therefore, Xichun is not Jia Jingsheng’s.But she is Jia Zhen’s “twin sister”, that is jia Zhen’s mother born of doubt.And she is jia mother’s “real granddaughter”, indicating that it is her mother and Jia Zheng or Jia She of Rong State house who have the first and last, gave birth to her.And after giving birth to Jia Xichun, because of the scandal exposed, precious spring mother ashamed to commit suicide, or the Jia house in order to hide, secretly put her results to cover up.So, is it Jia Zheng or Jia She?You only need to think to know that this is Jia She.First, Jia She always lecherous, it is important, Jia Fu lecherous people so much, Jia Mother scolded Jia She alone;Second, rongguo mansion was originally owned by a house of Jia She, but later inexplicably replaced by a house of Jia Zheng, which was mentioned in the seventy-second time: this woman was originally Mrs. Xing’s companion, had also been out of date at first, because Jia mother recently not much xing Mrs. Xing, so even the people here also reduced their power.It can be seen that in those days, Mrs. Xing’s companion rooms were as beautiful as those of Zhou Rui’s family now, because at that time, Mrs. Xing held the power of housekeeper, but later the power fell to Mrs. Wang, and people on Mrs. Xing’s side were dumb.Good good, how jia mother suddenly put jia forgive the housekeeper of a room to jia Zheng a room?Must be the big mistake that Jia Forgive made unforgivable, so Jia mother did not hesitate to break the old and young orderly this ethical regulations, also want to give the housekeeper right to the second son Jia Zheng, even let the second son to live in the original long house yard.And Jia She this person, the biggest fault is lecherous, so this hooking up sister-in-law of the matter, he is more likely to do it than Jia Zheng.Can why finally this Jia Xichun is counted as a jia Zheng room?The reason was that, after the incident was exposed, Jia Mu nu was very disappointed with Jia She, and counted Xichun as Jia Zheng She, which was a denial of Jia She: “I doubt your education” and also a threat: “This child is evidence of your moral corruption. You’d better be obedient.”So, the real brother-in-law, is Jia Zhen, Jia Xichun’s mother, that brother-in-law is Jia.