Legend of Zhen Huan: Shen Meizhuang dies unaware that she is the empress Dowager who wins the fight

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In the TV series, after yongzheng’s death, Zhen Huan enthrons her adopted son hongli as emperor, later known as Emperor Qianlong, and wins the crown as the empress Dowager.However, in the legend of Zhen Huan, Mei Zhuang dies unaware that her son has finally ascended the throne.She also became the high empress dowager.Before his death, the emperor wanted to appoint Zhen’s son as the heir, but his ministers opposed the idea, arguing that the son was weak and the mother strong. Therefore, they suggested that The son born to Mei Zhuang be the emperor, and Mei Zhuang was promoted to empress Dowager.Mei zhuang and his sister Zhen Huan enter the palace together, because mei Zhuang’s dignified atmosphere, temperament is extraordinary by the emperor and the Empress Dowager one eye, entering the palace was awarded the noble, zhen Huan is two levels shorter than her.Eyebrow zhuang is a new girl in the first to turn the brand of xiudu, very much the emperor love, and give eyebrow zhuang associate six palace of the right.Later because of false pregnancy incident eyebrow zhuang to the emperor’s cool thin ruthless heart, do not want to lower her noble head to contend for favor.But there is no favor in the palace, not only their own difficult to survive, her family will also be implicated, so the wise eyebrow zhuang wholeheartedly serve the Queen mother, hope to get the protection of the queen mother, the queen knows the purpose of eyebrow zhuang, also try to protect eyebrow zhuang.After all, there is such a book to know the daughter-in-law to accompany in the side, she why not?And always exhorted eyebrow zhuang and the emperor.Eyebrow zhuang is not willing to forgive the emperor, she does not fight nor rob, just live their own life.When Zhen Huan mistakenly wears chunyuan’s old clothes, she is invited to practice in the Ganlu Temple.Mei zhuang help Jingfei raise the light month together, and often in front of the queen mother for Zhen Huan interceding, hoping to take care of Zhen Huan.She also gets the consent of the empress dowager to let Wen Shichu go to the Ganlu Temple to take care of Zhen’s health, and visits Zhen Huan whenever she has the chance. Later, she delivers the news that Zhen’s father is dying in Ningguta.It is then that Zhen Huan decides to return to the palace to rescue her father.After Zhen Huan returns to the palace, she is pregnant with twins. The queen mother cares about Mei Zhuang and wants mei Zhuang to have a child, too.So gave her warm wine, who knows the emperor would not reluctantly eyebrow zhuang did not drink the queen mother to give wine.Eyebrow zhuang let temperature too doctor for her to sober up, the results eyebrow zhuang had a pregnancy, in order to let the child can have a bright future in the future, eyebrow zhuang finally lower her proud head with the lost bracelet back to the emperor’s favor, and by the way let the child become the emperor’s dragon heir.If not Anlingrong deliberately let Bao Juan tell eyebrow zhuang “blood test” event, eyebrow zhuang will not be too frightened, blood collapse dysparely.When meizhuang gives birth to her son, she names him Yu Run and tells Zhen Huan that Wen Shichu is her son’s father and wants Zhen Huan to raise her son.After mei Zhuang dies, Zhen Huan regards mei Zhuang’s son as her own child and takes good care of Yu Run. The emperor also likes this son very much.TV has changed the son to his daughter, of course, once want to stand before the emperor was dying Zhen Huan son as heir, concerted opposition by ministers, they think Zhen Huan son is too small, and the mother is too strong, will be dangerous to the status of the prince, suggested the emperor by the emperor son killed the mother, but do not agree with the emperor son killed mother, finally had to made joson eyebrow son prince.Zhen Huan is not Yulun’s biological mother, so she won’t tell the future emperor what to do.But mei zhuang to death do not know, she is the last laugh empress Dowager.However, in the TV series, considering that Mei Zhuang’s son is not of royal blood, the throne is later replaced by Zhen Huan’s adopted son, hongli.