Ni Ping: In front of my 90-year-old mother, WHEN I was a boy and a boy, I cried on the train when my mother died

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The difference between having a mother and not having a mother is essentially the absence or absence of where I come from in philosophy.1. Philosophy solves three problems, and life is also three problems.Where am I from?Who am I?Where am I going?And the emotional tie that I came from was my parents.And mother is the most important root.Mother in, no matter how much sense of security, mother is not, no matter how much sense of security is less than half, you taste you fine.2. Don’t say filial piety, just say reality.With a mother and without a mother, I mean high probability things, don’t talk about small probability exceptions, then your inner security is different.Growing up, the sense of security is still needed, not to say that growing up, the sense of security is not needed.Some people grow up asking for things to make them feel safe, including money, food and so on.But little do they know that the greatest sense of security is mother.Mother is still in the way you came, mother is not, you only have an uncertain future.Pay attention to Y Charle, a workplace ferryman who understands you, is willing to pay attention to forwarding friends can have a happy life.