Russia and Ukraine have not yet started a war, But Russia suffered a heavy blow, the Sinister purpose of the United States preliminarily realized

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The outbreak is still unfolding in the United States and the number of confirmed cases is still rising, but Biden is not paying attention to the outbreak at home because he is busy in Ukraine.Ukraine has nothing to do with the United States, because the two countries are miles apart, not Allies, not feuds.The recent problems in Ukraine are the internal affairs of Ukraine, but the United States prefers to exercise long-arm jurisdiction over Ukraine and escalate the internal affairs of Ukraine into conflicts between Russia and Ukraine.As a result, Ukraine has to fight the virus, pacify Donbas and guard against an alleged Russian invasion.Over time, Ukraine seems to understand something.Russian President Volodymyk Zelensky recently said U.S. claims that Ukraine will be invaded by Russia do not have credibility because the number of Russian troops deployed along the border has not increased, just the number of military exercises.Ukraine sees the west’s internal problems as complicating matters in Russia, where its own forces are justified in conducting exercises.Commentators say Russia has said it has no intention of invading Ukraine, and Ukraine now believes so, meaning war is unlikely.Unexpectedly, Russia and Ukraine did not start a war, but the United States and Britain and other countries have carried out evacuation operations, it seems that a war is imminent.What the US and the UK are doing is clearly creating panic, stirring up public opinion and forcing the escalation of the situation between Russia and Ukraine.The Ukrainian president is right that the situation in Ukraine has deteriorated, especially with Russia, directly with the West, especially the United States, but the United States is good at disguising, so it has fooled some people.The United States instigated the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the two countries did not start a war, the Russian economy was hit hard.Russia’s financial order has begun to chaos, the rouble against the dollar exchange rate significantly, resulting in Russia had to temporarily freeze foreign exchange transactions.If Russia did not do so, there could be instability, and now the US has tentatively achieved its sinister aims.All these years, the US has been weaving a net for Russia, trying to keep Russia in it.But the ultimate goal of the United States cannot be achieved, and there is no possibility of destroying Russia, either by war or non-war means.The US may win at a time and in a direction, but at present the US is on the wane and its ability to suppress other countries is diminishing, and its internal problems are dragging the US down.Problems such as racial discrimination and the uncontrolled epidemic are beyond the us’s capacity to solve in a short time.The point is that the current ADMINISTRATION is not yet aware of the dangers of these internal problems and is not yet in a hurry to solve them, which will one day lead to a full-blown conflict.The trend of multi-polarization is inevitable, and the situation in which one or a few countries dominate will no longer exist.Ukraine should also wake up and stop being a vassal of the West, which will only delay its own development.Part of the reference information source: Defense Times