Take an examination of grind difficulty grade division!I’m sorry about the last level

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“Choice is greater than effort” is a word that people often hang in the mouth of the postgraduate entrance examination. In addition to their own strength, they also need to accurately choose their own colleges and universities. Otherwise, high scores may not be just a joke…The new semester is about to begin, the students of 23 postgraduate entrance examination also want to raise the spirit and formally begin to prepare for the exam!So, in the process of choosing colleges and universities, in addition to the factors of their own strength, the importance of region or college, college or major?To the college professional combination of different standards, take an examination of grind difficult also is relative, it is cent grade, for example: 01.The region, the university, the professional difficulty level: ★ Test the school of this professional research is the least difficult, almost all the advantages of the right time and place.Professional class review materials need not worry, the school print shop to find;Don’t worry about the data recorded in the newspaper, how many people recruit every year, how many scores, simply know the bottom line;There is no need to worry about personal connections. Some tutors are also teachers of undergraduate specialized courses.Senior graduate students do not worry about finding, walk two steps to the laboratory, the classroom to capture a few alive…So, if plan to take an examination of this school this major’s classmate, must open the mouth stride leg, so many resources make good use of, take an examination of grind meeting relaxed a lot of!If it is just for graduate school, students who have no requirements for school majors can give priority to the school majors, after all, the difficulty is really much smaller!★ Cross the school also need to be divided into the distance, such as cross to the next school, cross to the opposite school……Like this is more difficult than the first grade a diu diu, difficult in human resources is not convenient to get, but the rest of the time on a Shared cycling on the past ask bai ~ again a little bit difficult is the need to take the bus to the school bookstore print shop for professional class, ask the students to enter oneself for an examination information, relative to the trans-regional would convenient a little.03. The major, trans-regional, trans-school difficulty level: ★★★ Most of the postgraduate er belong to level three, the only advantage is this major, professional courses will be relatively easy to learn than cross-major.Difficult is difficult in the cross-regional, across institutions, enter oneself for an examination a self before no details about the colleges and universities, all kinds of information needs to be collected bit by bit, to record the data such as enrolment, fractional line can only see from the Internet, listening to all kinds of gossip, authenticity and practicality is uncertain, sometimes professional class data all don’t know where to buy, is feeling the stones across the river.04 in this area, the school, cross major difficulty level: u u u compared with grade a, grade four of the biggest characteristic is to cross major, cross major take an examination of grinding difficulty cans be imagined, from the beginning to review the course proportion new started to collect information most difficult, but also to face the second interview teacher will “attention” across the examinee in the door.Cross major examinee a lot of it is to begin to review professional knowledge very early, only solid professional knowledge, ability is in those who learned 3 to 4 years of this major grind friends come to the front.Therefore, students of different majors should make enough expectations in terms of psychology, time and energy.5. Cross region, cross major, cross school difficulty level: ★★★★ three cross the most difficult, also can not refute difficult, three cross examinee’s biggest advantage is courage!In addition to the problems of collecting data and information of school registration, collecting professional materials and finding resources, Sankuai also has to bear huge psychological pressure, which may be the opposition of family members, the disapproval of friends around, and the occasional collapse of my heart, I don’t know whether I can pass the examination of those professional research friends…Postgraduate entrance examination is an endurance race, although the initial course is very important, but no matter where you walk, as long as you run hard will also reach the finish line.I wish you all can reach your heart’s desire, a successful battle!