The change of Taihu Lake in the eyes of old fishermen: from “relying on the weather for food” to poetry and distance

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Wang Zhenxue sun yu last week taken on board a ship (spring walk at the grass-roots level) the eyes of the old fisherman “tai” : from “weather” to poetry and the distance addition to huzhou feb 4 (Reuters) (reporter ShiZiNan) 4, huzhou city, zhejiang province tai mooring area wharf, capital Wang Zhenxue on zhejiang huzhou cargo ships, 5175 check whether the machine is normal in the ship.Although it is still during the Spring Festival holiday, he still goes on the boat every day. “If I stay on the boat for a long time, I feel uncomfortable every day.”Wang zhenxue, 56, has been sailing the Taihu route for more than 30 years.From the original 9-ton cement ship to the present 500-ton canning ship;From transporting stones out of Huzhou sold to carry ore powder back to Huzhou;From sailing by compass to using AIS ship systems…He has witnessed earth-shaking changes in the Taihu Basin.”It is often said that there are three bitter things in the world: hammering iron, punting a boat and grinding tofu.Punting is hard to see the fate of the bitter, before sailing all by experience and courage, if the wind and waves or stranded and other circumstances, it is more dangerous.”Wang Zhenxue introduced that from Huzhou across the Taihu Lake to Jiangsu, a round trip to run the goods about five days, longer before.Different from the previous model of “relying on the weather for food”, the current Taihu Channel is just like a “high speed on water”, and shippers no longer have to worry about sailing.”Boat owners can obtain accurate weather information and lake closure warning eight hours in advance through the E-Sailing APP.”Wang Zhenxue introduced, the SHIP’s AIS ship system can display the ship’s track position, and real-time transmission to huzhou traffic comprehensive law enforcement command center, in case of special circumstances can be a key alarm for help.”Now, there’s a boat coming 10 kilometers away, so we’ll know in advance.”Wang Zhenxue bluntly, he never dreamed that sailing can one day become so intelligent, safe.Taihu route is one of the important water transport channels connecting Huzhou with southern Jiangsu and Yangtze River.In recent years, traffic law enforcement departments of Huzhou, Suzhou and Wuxi in Jiangsu province have explored and promoted prevention and control at the source around Taihu Lake, coordinated treatment and digital empowerment, and found a new way of joint prevention, joint control, joint management and joint treatment.”Since 2004, the two provinces and three localities around Taihu Lake have established the Joint Management Mechanism for Pollution Prevention and Navigation Safety of Vessels in the Taihu Lake Region, promoting trans-regional cooperation mechanisms such as the joint sealing of taihu Lake, water pollution prevention and joint enforcement and service, to safeguard navigation safety and clean waters.”Huzhou city transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement team staff bao Guoxiang said.Bao guoxiang said that in 2021, The Taihu Lake was closed 56 times for 2,134 hours, and huzhou and Changxing vessels were controlled at the mouth of the lake for over 15,000 times.The waters of South Taihu Lake have achieved zero fatalities for 17 consecutive years.Huzhou Taihu mooring area dock scenery Zhou Sun Yu photo navigation safety, money is also comfortable.For Wang Zhenxue, Taihu lake is a complex that cannot be solved.As a descendant of fishermen, Wang zhenxue has lived on a boat near Xiaomeigang in Huzhou since she was a child. “Taihu fishermen have lived on the lake for generations, and each family has a ‘zujia fishing boat’ and a fishing boat.More than a decade ago, there were only patches of reed wasteland along the taihu Lake, as well as farming Seine nets and garbage everywhere.”Later, under the resettlement of the local government, all the fishermen moved ashore to the community.”Fishermen used to go home by boat. Now they take the elevator.”Over the decades, Wang has witnessed not only the fishermen from the boat to the shore, but also the lake’s progress from crystal clear water to pollution, from algae blooms to recovery.”We have all seen the government’s efforts to improve Taihu lake in recent years.”Wang Zhenxue said that by closing enterprises, dismantling catering ships, treating blue algae…Xiaomeigang has increasingly become a place for “Internet celebrities” to check in. Villagers have found jobs at home, and their former homes have become a paradise for tourists.Wang Zhenxue introduction, smart also installed now each ship sewage tank and is equipped with a trash can, capital use “ship E line” APP, ship garbage classification and oil and sewage intelligent code ashore, “now, the garbage classification has become a habit, every capital supply we are put the sewage ‘inline’, ‘throw garbage label torn off from the ship.”Now, standing on the bow overlooking Taihu Lake, along the south shore of the lake, the water is clear and the shore is green.As far as the eye could see, it was all landscape.(after)