Those without MPV might as well have a look at these three categories, Wuling Capjie, XIAokang C37, Wuling Hongguang

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If you don’t have MPV, you might as well have a look at these three categories: Wuling Capjie, Xiaokang C37 and Wuling Hongguang Hi. We meet again. Do you miss me, dear little brothers?I am waiting for you here for a long time, first sincerely thank you for your patronage, and wish the fate of jiang Dong father everything, good luck, fortune, well, this time to talk about these “private car” :As we know, MPV models have large volume, good technology, low displacement, inexpensive and good quality, and other prominent benefits, and the power output of the three are very concerned, is one of the main reasons that other models can not be compared, but also acted as a good friend of many friends.So by a lot of rice people’s affirmation, today I will be objective to the level of the screen for the miss sisters to talk about a few strength of the bar, the appearance level of high strength fuel-saving high appearance level of the car, they are the little brother I have driven since the overview of the experience.You must not “go treasure” yo!Model 1: wuling capgemini (with low price as low as 85800 +) description: about the sales of wuling capgemini analysis in wuling, wuling capgemini since listed its sales is relatively quite beautiful, and the wuling capgemini clinch a deal valence is very friendly, the next know, wuling capgemini monthly sales performance and a higher level.With a sales volume of 0.37W, It retained the 11th place in MPV sales ranking, making great progress. At the same time, Wuling Capello is definitely the brightest star known abroad in the domestic market, and beat several outstanding MPV levels severely.Although wuling Capgemini’s sales ranking is not special, but wuling Capgemini’s internal sales is beyond doubt.The reason is very simple, this is because of the fresh and refined strength of Wuling Capjie is obvious to consumers. If Wuling Capjie can work hard and forge ahead, it is estimated that it will soon become a leader in the domestic car market.The front face design of Wuling Caper impreses me very much. The car paint looks very conspicuous. Meanwhile, the lines of the side part of Wuling Caper are dotted among them, highlighting the strong sense of nobility and fashion.In addition, wuling capgemini car lovely modelling is very athletic, have distinctive modelling of subsided waist line by bumper area has been stretched to the rear of the vehicle, is admired as a sewing needle evil spirit person, wuling capgemini make administrative levels more clear, beautiful and militantly proclaim, at the same time, there are a pair of shining LED halogen headlamp unit yi yi is unripe brightness,The family lines outside and the style inside are very down-to-earth, especially in line with the visual needs of market consumers.Figure: Wuling Capgemini space performance is very moderate, and look very atmospheric.Its storage space is also very large, it is not excessive to say that Wuling Kaijie is the invincible hand of storage.Its size is 4875mm*1880mm*1700mm, this space even if there are a number of children sitting in the back row space can still raise two legs at will.This shows that Wuling Capgemini is very reliable.And the size of the trunk is so great that it’s impossible to fit a lot of braces and nail clippers into it.Look up a kind of unyielding feeling, xiaobian feel very happy.Speak of the power, wuling capgemini power output is not weak, the theory of its engine power output reached 147, with the precision of CVT stepless 8 block (simulation) transmission common combination for the configuration, a lot of friends think wuling capgemini both acceleration and the start process, are te strong, in addition, engine cylinder body is another feature of wuling capgemini,The engine block is made of mainstream cast iron, so it can play a unique role in reducing the volume.In addition, Wuling Capgemini doesn’t seem to like the natural suction device, which currently has a capacity of 1.5 tons.Relevant comments: I think wuling Capecet, as a member of THE SAIC-GM-Wuling family, is the best in the mainstream MPV field.The new Wuling Capgemini is no doubt thoroughly optimized more details, the body is full of a very rich sense of science and technology, very handsome.In addition, the interior of Wuling Capgemini is quite comfortable, so you won’t feel embarrassed when you sit in it. At the same time, its control is also very good, worthy of being a high-quality masterpiece made by SAIC-GMS Wuling.Ms. Chen, the owner of Wuling Capjie, said: The comprehensive fuel consumption performance of Wuling Capjie is good, which should be attributed to the inevitable result of the improvement of fuel consumption control technology of SAIC-GM-Wuling manufacturers, so that the comprehensive fuel consumption of Wuling Capjie decreases by about 5%, so that it can better meet the travel needs of most young groups.At present, Xiaobian Wuling Capgemini mainly takes urban and rural roads, and also takes high speed for long-distance business trips.The 100km fuel consumption of this Wuling Capgemini is not as far away as the author previously imagined. Now the 100km fuel consumption is about 8.5 litres / 100km, which is quite reliable.MPV models at the same level are definitely low fuel consumption.So many car friends are very satisfied with Wuling Capgemini, because Wuling Capgemini is absolutely very good, is undoubtedly saIC-GM-Wuling xiangbobo.But it might be even more expensive to leave the air conditioner on in the summer.I am a gentle and considerate little sister, the burden of oil is not big, because I only need to save a little entertainment expenses, it is tantamount to the oil money to earn back.That’s a good one.Of course, the lower the fuel consumption, the better.Even at present, wuling Capgemini’s adjustment time is not so long, but it is estimated that after the run-in period, wuling Capgemini’s fuel consumption will continue to decline.Car friends word of mouth: Many young brothers will have such a feeling: the chassis position of this Wuling Capgemini is always a bit too good, although the stability of the vehicle will be better, but when entering the complex road, the feeling is very painful.If you are older, you may feel two “August 15” unbearable while sitting in it.In addition, there is another point that needs to be improved. When riding on the highway, we can always hear the uncomfortable tire noise and abnormal sound, which may be difficult for some riders to accept. In addition, when shifting gears, we can obviously feel the accelerator pedal area shaking a few times, and I asked the customer service of the terminal store, but there is still no solution.In addition, 1. I feel that the exhaust problem of wuling Capgemini air conditioning is particularly serious.2. Bluetooth key sometimes appears connection timed out; 3. Low matching is very expensive, the second model dongfeng WELL-OFF C37 price: 54,900 to 58,900 in terms of appearance and shape, the new Dongfeng well-off C37 is particularly lofty, which is more in line with the aesthetic taste of consumers like me.Dongfeng WELL-OFF C37 front face elements are very imposing, and the previous generation of dongfeng WELL-OFF C37 compared to the basic no different place, like an owl, the net is not too small, look very ambitious, and dongfeng WELL-OFF C37 long and narrow door handle into a lot of eye, radiant elements,Front position of the modelling of large led headlamp unit optimization more beautiful, just like “eyes” of a wild tiger was terrible, and the rows of shiny side body to arrange led headlamps, the line of car body is relatively distinctive, extending to the east wind well-off C37 tail area, Chou up very athletic, and dongfeng well-off C37 paint is very thin very soft,The level of appearance is top notch.Said dongfeng well-off C37 is also too much.Dongfeng well-off C37 tail concise and powerful, very distinctive.At the same time, the taillights have joined many high-end and beautiful ideas, looking sharp, in general, dongfeng WELL-OFF C37 appearance belongs to the high-end, sharp style.Female friends and previous friends to buy dongfeng well-off C37 is probably take a fancy to beautiful modelling to go.Grandma Feng said: when in the hands of the disposable silver is not enough, often will go to the line of the official experience shop to play a few times over the hand, at present I feel the new Dongfeng WELL-OFF C37 noise reduction effect is great, even if the dongfeng WELL-OFF C37 weight is very heavy, but the control is very good.The third model wuling Hongguang 45,800 ~ 59,800 Appearance and modeling:Appearance, the front of this model is super concise, the grille style of the mesh grille part is not a style, at the same time, wuling Hongguang’s front headlamp shape is very energetic, Wuling Hongguang’s chassis is quite low, especially the feeling of movement, high-speed cornering smooth and smooth, the control is very smooth.Concise waist line, from the front has been through to the tail, is quite delicate, in addition, its tail angular, movement, refined temperament can not help but make the whole car sent out a person enthral noble sense.I mainly value the front design of Wuling Hongguang, because it gives me a feeling of freshness, vitality and nobility.Of wuling macro light interior review: I for wuling macro light interior style is like: material is quite costly, assembly process is very severe, and the panel is flat and level, at the same time rotating button and the iconic air conditioning button also has unique damping effect, that is many car critic of wuling macro light pertinent evaluation.In addition, the steering wheel of Wuling Hongguang in comfort mode is made of leather material, which makes the hand feel very comfortable. At the same time, the throttle brake sensitivity is quite high, which makes the steering and cornering process more smooth.In addition, wuling Hongguang driver’s seat softness is particularly in place, the degree of fit is also very good, but also the seat internal padding is particularly soft, sit up very comfortable, even if the car ran for five or six hours, there is no feeling of waist is very tired.To tell the truth, it is worth buying a scooter that is high in comfort. In addition, the odor of Wuling Macro light does not appear at present.And the noise inside is absolutely inaudible.I am quite satisfied with this.The starting process of Wuling Hongguang must be instantaneous.My friend and I were shocked. The speed of Wuling Hongguang is not dragged at all. Once you boldly give oil to this car, the acceleration effect will suddenly pop out.And the driving experience is very easy.The noise reduction performance is also in place, the whole acceleration process is not at all feel the exit and intervention of the engine device below, in addition, because the original power of Wuling Hongguang is quite great, and I am mainly on business trips, so there is no need to improve its power details too much at present.Car friends comment 1: I think this car to go out to pull a girl is very down-to-earth.The front position of Wuling Hongguang is very long, and the headlight looks very moving. The visual atmosphere after lighting is very eye-catching.It is worth noting that the color of The net of Wuling Hongguang is black, and the silver chrome strip is also sexy. It is integrated with the decorative board below, and the dazzling LED lights make the identification particularly great.Wuling Hongguang hub modeling is quite powerful, the size is also more coordinated, the modeling is very in place.Make the body more imposing.It looks very dynamic from the side. The decorative board of Wuling Hongguang has the unique logo of SAIC-GM-Wuling family on the surface, revealing the simplicity and quiet wealth.Wuling Hongguang open when the mute!Wuling Hongguang trunk or bang bang, even if put down three or four luggage is “sprinkling water”.As a mainstream MPV model, Wuling Hongguang fuel consumption performance is better.In general, the price of Wuling Macro light is relatively high, the top version “unexpectedly” less than 5W yuan can take home, since the purchase of Wuling macro light next family often go out.There’s nothing wrong with that.The owner of Wuling Hongguang, Mr. Mai, commented:I really like to meet new friends, so it is very proud, general MPV are embarrassed to open out, but after bought this car, led the old man, children go out every time I think meet, hold the steering wheel is quite a feeling, at the same time control is particularly costly, my child always asked me outside wuling macro light is what east east?At this time I said: Wuling Macro light is your father on the adult out of the car.Car friends comment 3:Satisfied, I absolutely to the evaluation of wuling macro light is satisfied, not only the price super good, as well as very good practicability, when I was a child is very like car, finally have a belongs to own when I grew up in wuling macro light, this horse is comfortable, very boss proud feeling level, fuel consumption is small, is absolutely no problem can meet the needs of my daily commute.Wuling Hongguang owner Lin’s comments: Wuling Hongguang’s control is particularly in place, driving more like an electric car, this paper summarizes the above listed are MPV, respectively 45,800, 54,900 and 8.58W.It is worth your attention that there is a difference between the vehicle manufacturer’s guide price and the final transaction price. For example, wuling Capjie’s naked car price is 10.48W RMB, while Dongfeng Xiaokang C37 and Wuling Hongguang are as high as 4.89W and 4.69W. It can be found that there is a big gap between the three.I do not know whether the MPV shown above is the column favorite?Here I wish friends a bright future, success and everlasting success.If the reader likes the author, don’t forget one key three even.If you don’t have MPV, you might as well have a look at these three categories. If you want to know more about Wuling Capjie, XIAokang C37 and Wuling Hongguang, come to Pay attention to Che Xiaowang