Unavoidable ‘minor accidents’ on the road?Tuhu car launched “casually ceng” extended warranty service

2022-05-22 0 By

Hot summer, cicadas in the tree happily cried, young wife beginner driving the new car in the parking in the district, but her every turn the steering wheel is very careful, because her husband sat in the co-pilot, with the identity of the “old driver” command her driving, and could not help but told her “you be careful, look at point at the back of the column” brand clip in road tiger car ownership,The novice driver’s caution is vividly portrayed, with the impatient wife finally putting on the brakes and telling her husband “You can do it” after her husband’s guidance fails to get her into a parking space.As soon as the husband took the steering wheel and said, “It’s easy,” he was careless enough to miss the pillar in the grass. He failed to control the car and rear-ended the pillar, leaving a small piece of paint badly bruised.See this situation, “so you are in boast of.”The wife could not help teasing her husband, and the husband could only smile awkwardly. Then he took out his cell phone from his pocket and dialed the phone number of the Tuhu car store in a leisurely manner. After communication, he drove the car to the Tuhu car store.The mechanic found that this was not the first time that the husband had such a car problem. Fortunately, the mechanic quickly helped her to repair the car’s paint after the husband bought the extended warranty service.The quick and perfect paint repair service successfully pacified the impatient and irritable mood of his wife.Then the couple laughed and drove slowly along the wide road.Driving life is always unavoidably encountered a variety of small accidents, Tihu car is committed to helping every family car care, easy to solve every small accident.In view of the phenomenon in the video, Tuhu car launched “casual rub” extended warranty service to help owners bid goodbye to the trouble caused by small rub.Users only need to purchase the corresponding spray painting project online, they can get free Tuhu “free” extended warranty service.If the same type of car is damaged again and needs painting, you can enjoy free painting at the same store for unlimited times within one year from the completion date of painting tuhu’s car.For more than 10 years, Tuhu car has always been running in the service for the owners of the road, for thousands of cherished car owners to provide convenient repair paint service, a total of more than 1000 models to provide free rub repair paint service.From daily maintenance such as oil replacement to body repair such as sheet metal painting, Tuhu car helps consumers save their worries by standardizing operation and improving services.”Our front is to let you have no worries”, the future Tuhu car will drive with Chinese owners to a happy life.