Interest rates, the anchor of asset pricing

2022-05-23 0 By

Stock, currency, bond and commodity markets are changing all the time.What is it that determines asset prices?What short – and long-term changes are taking place in the three macro factors of growth, inflation and monetary policy?In this programme, two leading analysts talk in depth about the factors affecting asset prices.Hong Hao and Xu Xiaoqing, both from stock strategy and fixed income strategy, what kind of market operation mechanism do they see?”Investment Theory ·2022″ is a dialogue between Hong Hao, head of research department of BoCOM International, and Xu Xiaoqing, chief Economist of Dunhe Asset Management. This series consists of 6 episodes, including “Bullish Stock Market”, “Short-term Risk of Commodities”, “Interest rate, Anchor of Asset Pricing”, “Macro Divergence”, “Population” and “MMT, Lying Flat and Lying Winning”.The video contains descriptions, predictions or opinions concerning future events or circumstances that are forward-looking statements and are subject to specific risks, uncertainties, validity of assumptions, timeliness of information and other factors that are difficult to predict. It is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or an offer to sell to any person.Viewers shall independently judge the validity of the content and independently decide whether to accept it based on their own situation. Guests and their employees shall not bear any legal responsibility for the results caused by viewers’ investment activities using this video number and its content.