Automatic atomization disinfection for express delivery is more efficient than manual spraying to avoid uneven or omission of disinfection

2022-05-24 0 By

A sorting line, are installed with a “puffing” equipment, every express package in the sorting, must be the “baptism” of the fog.In order to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, express delivery companies in The city have introduced automatic atomizing disinfectors to disinfect packages, according to Shunfeng, Shanxi Province, Feb. 8.Compared with manual spraying, this method of disinfection is more efficient and can avoid uneven disinfection.At sf Express’s Taiyuan distribution center in Shanxi Province, 12 “inbound” express sorting lines are transporting packages of various sizes.In the middle of each sorting line, an automatic atomizer is installed to disinfect parcels one by one by spraying disinfection mist at the sorting line 24 hours a day.In this way, every “passing by” express, will have no omission “bath”.On-site sorting personnel said that if relying on manual spraying disinfection, not only low efficiency, but also easy to cause uneven disinfection, the use of atomization disinfection device has improved the efficiency of a lot.Moreover, the size of atomized particles is conducive to the diffusion and residence of disinfectant in space. Using this principle, the spray can be evenly in place, with stronger elimination ability, shorter elimination time and improved efficiency.It is reported that 12 automatic atomization disinfection equipment, can complete 3 tons of disinfection water atomization operation every day, can meet all from outside the province sent to Taiyuan express disinfection operations.In addition, if the traditional disinfection water, it is possible to wet the express surface, and this new atomization disinfection can avoid this situation.Taiyuan Daily editorial center reporter Li Tao correspondent Yang Huibin