Awakening of Insects is coming, 5 kinds of alkaline food to eat more, common ingredients taste sweet, delicious nutrition to prevent spring sleepy

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As the saying goes, “Sleepy in spring, tired in autumn and sleepy in summer”.In the spring, rising temperatures, dull mind, always want to sleep, it and our diet have a connection, eat too much spicy and hot food, easy to cause stomach fire rises, immune system, plus stay in air conditioning room long, can also lead to spring fever, then to eat some “basic” food, help eliminate fatigue, below,Here are 5 alkaline foods and recipes for those who like them.Kelp 1. Prepare: Prepare a small piece of tenderloin, thinly sliced with a flat blade and then shredded.Prepare two pieces of bean curd skin, split and fold together, cut into tofu shreds.Prepare a handful of kelp, cut into sections and wash in clean water.In a bowl, beat two eggs with a little salt to form an egg mixture.Cut some scallions.2. Blanch the bean curd skin: boil water in a pot, add the bean curd skin, add a little salt into the base taste, salt can also increase the texture of the bean curd skin, about 1 minute to remove the smell of bean curd skin, pour out the bean curd skin, rinse with water several times, control the water for later use.3. Start cooking, the pot to burn oil, fully slippery pan later poured hot oil leave a little oil, add pork stir-fried for a while, with white, stir-fry after pour into kelp silk, add soy sauce 10 grams, opened fire in the continue stir-fried, fry the kelp, stir-fry, pour the right amount of water, add tofu skin, add salt 3 grams, pepper 2 grams, chicken 2 grams, mixing the seasoning.Broth boil, pour into water while stirring starch, so it is not easy to end of tuo block, paste, oneself like smoothies can adjust liquid, put the egg liquid into egg drop in pour into the pot, egg drop after turn off the heat, wind up all pour into a little sesame sesame oil can be out of the pan, then sprinkle with chopped green onion, a simple and delicious seaweed shredded meat soup is ready.Apples 1. Prepare: Take two apples, peel and core them and cut them into even pieces.2. Starch paste: put two egg whites in a basin, add a tablespoon of salt, pour in the right amount of starch with your hands, the consistency of starch paste can be drawn.Pour the apples into a bowl, coat them in batter, drizzle in some vegetable oil, and set aside. The vegetable oil will not only crisp the apples, but also give them a brighter color.3. Fry the apple: pan burn oil, oil temperature 5 into hot, put the apple a piece into the pot, open a small fire slowly fried, stick together with a spoon to break up, the apple fried golden brown surface becomes hard when out.Heat up the oil to 60%, then add the apples and fry them again for 10 seconds.4. Start to coat with syrup: leave a little oil in the pan, put in a spoonful of white sugar, add a little water, stir the sugar until all melted, the pot will appear large bubbles, when the large bubbles become small bubbles, syrup is golden, add the fried apple quickly stir well.After stir-frying evenly, put it in a dish with vegetable oil brush, and let it cool slightly. With chopsticks, pull it up and you can pull out a lot of thin and long sugar silk. A simple and delicious apple is ready.1. Prepare: Prepare a piece of tender tofu, clean it and cut into tofu slices. Place them evenly on a plate and steam in a steamer for 10 minutes.Prepare just the right amount of hard-boiled eggs, peel off the shell and cut into even pieces.Cut millet pepper circle, garlic paste together, add the right amount of chicken essence, sugar, light soy sauce, sesame oil, balsamic vinegar, and then pour a little cold water, stir evenly reserved.2. Seasoning: Take out the steamed tofu to control the moisture, then put on the eggs, evenly pour the sauce just made, a fresh and delicious tofu with preserved eggs.1. Prepare ingredients: Prepare an appropriate amount of agaric, soak it in cold water for more than three hours, then rinse and set aside.Prepare a few spring Onions, cut the white shallots into segments, even if the leaves are broken.Slice ginger, onion, shallots and coriander.Prepare a few bay leaves and a crushed grass fruit.2. Fried shallot oil:The pot to burn oil, 5 into hot oil temperature, bay leaf, amomum, small onion, green onion, ginger, onion into the pot, drive slowly fry over low heat, fry the onion until slightly yellow add parsley continue to fry, vegetable oils and fragrance of fry out, immediately turn off the heat when dry Fried, Fried to golden, using the keypad to soak for a while, full extraction of onion oil, residue drain out the material,The scallion oil is done.3. Start cooking: purpose of the oil pan, add in black fungus saute the moisture inside out, it is ok to hear a voice of crack, add light soy sauce 5 grams, pour into the water, add a little sugar, fresh pepper 2 g, 3 g, oyster sauce stir open seasoning, pour into a little onion oil to add the color, after turned even fill out and set aside.Pan, add onion oil, oil heat add in scallion, after a small fire slowly stir-fried, green Chinese onion seditious incense, fanned into gold, the black fungus in the pan, stir evenly hook into the water starch, let condiment better adsorption on the ingredients, add some green onion oil to improve the colour and lustre, turned even would have been out of the pot, after a rich flavor of Mongolian black fungus is ready.1. Prepare ingredients: prepare a sanhuang chicken, chop the chicken into even pieces and put it into a basin, grab a handful of starch, rub it with your hands for a while to remove the blood inside, wash it with water repeatedly, and squeeze out the water for use.Cut some scallions and ginger slices and put them together with chicken pieces. Add a tablespoon of salt and mix them well. Marinate for 15 minutes.Get a couple of shiitake mushrooms to remove the roots and make a cross knife over them.Cut some green and red pepper slices, onion and ginger slices.2. Dressing: Prepare a small bowl, put two pieces of fermented bean curd, pour a little milk, crush the fermented bean curd with a spoon, add 10 grams of light soy sauce, 10 grams of cooking wine to remove the smell, 5 grams of oyster sauce to freshen, 2 grams of pepper, stir well and set aside.After the chicken is marinated, remove the spring onion and ginger and put them together with the freshly cut spring onion and ginger.3. Start cooking: heat the pot, add vegetable oil skillet, skillet can prevent chicken from sticking to the pot, pour out the hot oil and add cool oil, oil temperature 50% hot add onion and ginger slices and stir fry the fragrance, add the chicken, add a few rock sugar, break it with a spoon, keep the medium fire stir fry the chicken for 3 minutes of water.Fried chicken stir-fry, dry after add mushrooms, pour into a quick stir fry a few times, high liquor cover simmer for 10 seconds, stewing to alcohol evaporates, to join the old smoke 3 grams of toning, Fried color uniform, serving the chicken in the crock pot, pour a can of beer, in the mixed juice, turn to low heat and simmer for 20 minutes after the fire to boil, braised, absorb the chicken juice aroma.After 20 minutes, turn to high fire to close the juice, add green and red pepper slices, green and red pepper can be broken after the fire, a fresh and tender mushroom chicken is done.In the summer of the editor