Kopp: What are the differences between the Winter Olympics and the Olympics?

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The full name of the Winter Olympic Games is the Winter Olympic Games, the Olympic Games usually refers to the Summer Olympic Games, also known as the Summer Olympics, they are the world’s highest level of Olympic sports.What are the differences?Let’s talk about it.The Winter Olympics are usually held in the winter, while the Olympic Games are usually held in the summer (and sometimes in the spring), depending on the season of the hemisphere in which the host country is located.The various winter Olympic Sports are ice-related sports suitable for cold winter weather. These include skiing, ice skating, ice hockey, curling, bobsleigh, biathlon, as well as many smaller sports.Olympic Games is included in addition to the snow and ice project of other sports, including water sports, swimming, archery, shooting, track and field, table tennis, badminton, baseball and softball, basketball, football, boxing, canoeing, cycling, equestrian, fencing, golf, gymnastics, handball, hockey, judo, karate, tennis, volleyball, and so on.The Winter Olympics involve a much smaller number of countries than the Olympics.The number of countries participating in the Winter Olympics is much smaller, as many countries with perennial hot weather do not have snow and ice events at all.In addition, those countries with perennial hot weather will not be able to host the Winter Olympics, so the impact of the Winter Olympics will be greatly reduced.But the Olympics eliminates these influences and allows all the countries of the world to participate, so the influence is huge.