“Our Festival, Spring Festival” taiyuan Botanical Garden: An art tour of alpine rhododendron

2022-05-24 0 By

During the Spring Festival, the Taiyuan Botanical Garden is very exciting. In addition to the existing rare plants from all over the world, the botanical Garden also carefully prepared a table of flowers, such as mountain rhododendron exhibition, peony exhibition and orchid exhibition, so that everyone will have a different experience during the Spring Festival.In plant culture exhibition hall of 900 square meters, taiyuan botanical garden for citizens on the nobles, the world famous flowers of alpine rhododendron, unlike the first cuckoo exhibition, the exhibition of alpine rhododendron by impressionist paintings art atmosphere, show the beauty of the artist in the eyes of alpine rhododendron rhododendron hand in photograph reflect with paintings, elegant atmosphere.Research Center of Taiyuan Botanical GardenTake the works of many of the great impressionist painters and turn them into a real scene, especially the painting behind me which is the famous Impressionist Monet’s cuckoo in a Berry Bush in 1891, and you can see that the whole mountain cuckoo is hidden in a berry bush.We set up the whole mountain rhododendron scene behind us in this image.Restore the painting to the real scene, feel the charm of impressionist paintings, really realize people in the painting.In addition, the exhibition shows more than 20 species, more than 300 POTS of alpine rhododendron, there are happy to see nuowa, elegant, Kate and other varieties, there are rare varieties of yellow flowers such as jin Yun.Research Center of Taiyuan Botanical GardenLike behind me the golden eagle, it is a yellow flower, golden yellow, golden yellow flowers of an alpine rhododendron, like the yellow flower is the alpine rhododendron in the categories of the alpine rhododendron are relatively rare, and its petals with the alpine rhododendron we usually see is also different, besides it also like the Jin Yun and apricot the two varieties of hearts,We also have introductions on our side.Rhododendron corolla is funnel-shaped, in red, pink, apricot, snow, white and so on, luxuriating and gorgeous, a symbol of prosperity, lasting friendship, and homesickness.The exhibition runs until Feb. 25.(Reporter Li Baijuan and Chen Liang) Source: Comprehensive news channel of Taiyuan Radio and TELEVISION Station