A couple bought a 105-square-meter loft, smashed down walls and wasted space, but their happiness soared

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Have a house with a loft is the dream of many people, but with the top floor of the attic house because of the spatial distribution of sizes, tend to form a space blind Angle, this case I met such a wonderful work model, and the architecture of designers in this case, the architectural aesthetics and design aesthetics for integration, for residential structure remodeling, change numerous for brief, create “unbounded” houses.On the first floor, according to the living requirements of the owners, part of the non-load-bearing wall is removed, and the functional area is rearranged: 1. The kitchen is changed to the staircase, and it is set as an open kitchen.2. Change the dining room to the original kitchen location and connect it with the living room to create a more spacious public space.3. Remove the balcony and the indoor non-load-bearing wall to realize the indoor capacity expansion.4. The master bedroom borrows part of the space to the master bodyguard to achieve three separations.Attic design: 1, a part of the attic to carry empty, increase the height of the living room, dining room part, so that the space looks more open.2, make full use of the dead space on the attic, can be transformed into a multi-functional room, storage area, as well as light, wind channel.In terms of color, simple black, white and gray are chosen as the main colors to increase log elements and increase the temperature of the house. With green plants, hanging pictures and warm colors of cloth, a fresh and natural living environment is created.If you are attentive, can discover the armrest such as door of stair, cupboard, home appliance stealthed, furniture inside house simplifies the cube that is square zhengzheng, whole looks harmonious and unified.Porch comes in from enter door door, what see above all is white indomite stand ground ark, can partial keep out indoor space already so, retain illicit close sex, can increase receive a space again, when convenient access takes article.In the living room, the original bay window area is knocked out, and the customized sofa is embedded to increase the space for the living room and increase the daylighting.(A small program has been added here, please check it on toutiao client.) A series of storage cabinets have been customized in the wall area to increase storage space for the living room.Stand in attic overlooking to carry empty sitting room, capacious and bright.Full of casual atmosphere.The dining room uses wooden tables and benches to add warmth to the dining area.There is no partition between the dining room and the living room, which is convenient for the communication and interaction between the dining room and the dining room.Advocate lie advocate lie huge French window ensured daylighting and visual field, the setting wall of the head of a bed chooses black, furniture chooses the walnut with deeper color, whole bedroom appears contracted and there is no lack of simple sense.The hardware material of brass, increased delicate feeling for the bedroom.Kitchen kitchen opens mode instead, made a circle muti_function work station, can make work station already, can make stage again, cook next hutch no longer feels cramped.The facade of the kitchen counter is decorated with cement grey paint-free board, and the bright black part marks the bar area.