A girl and proud jiao school grass love “turn a school grass do bridegroom”, you have to take the initiative to find me

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No matter how painful one event may be, it is quickly overwritten by the worries of the next.People don’t need applause and sympathy to live, when the time comes, they will be yours.Faced with the vast sea of books, how can we find the books that poke people’s hearts?You need a picky old fan for you, that is, small make up me, like to remember to like collection, from now on no book shortage!!Today to share is: a girl and proud jiao school grass love “turn a school grass do bridegroom”, you have to take the initiative to find me!Abstract: The princess decided to run away when she saw her ugly husband in the future.Unfortunately, it was dark and slippery, ‘Goo-dong’ a sound into the well, through to a modern noble school!School boy bad boy?”Oh, red-crowned waiter!Bullies knocking on doors?”Somebody, drag them out and cut them down!”Let’s see how princess Aojiao gets into the school yard, sleeps in the school yard, accepts bullies and monopolizes myths!Highlights: Three days later, Si woke up tipsy and out of danger.In front of the hospital bed, Che Hechen took her hand and slowly scratched a few words in her hand: Drunk, I love you!”…Renowned.”Secretary slowly opened her eyes slightly drunk, the eyes are che Hechen that cool face, opened the eloquence found her voice hoarse.”I am.”Che Hechen felt her forehead carefully with his big hand before leaning over her nervously. He was relieved to see that it was not burning.Si was a little drunk and looked at the strange white ward. “AM I still alive?””Well.”Che Hechen sat at the head of the bed and gently held her in his arms. With his right hand he gently smoothed her silky black hair. Then he took the warm half cup of water from the head of the bed and slowly fed her to drink.Si drank the water slightly drunk and felt a little more comfortable in his throat. He looked around at the various instruments and tubes in the ward and asked, “What place is this? It’s so strange.”She had been in a hospital before, but back then the room was like a hotel, wide and comfortable, unlike the ICU, which was almost full of medical equipment.Che Hechen put the cup back, stroked her back, and coaxed her with rare patience, saying, “Dear, I’ll be patient. When you’re ready, we’ll go home.Si Drunk couldn’t help looking at him again. She felt that che Hechen was like a different person when she woke up from sleep. She flattened her mouth and blinked her eyes lovingly, “Hehe, you have become so strange.Abstract: Lin Qingze, a business magnate, saves an orphan one night, but the child accidentally loses his memory.Lin Qing gave him a name and let him and his daughter become a good friend, when going to the United States together, but because of accident amnesia again so ten years…On a chance meeting…Best clip: “That’s not what I meant!”Shan looked down, her eyes a little wandering, since childhood she was nervous is like this, “but there are some things I don’t understand, I hope you can tell me.I think I meant this…””Poof!”Escape xuan hand chin, continue to use his clear eyes at shan that lovely look, “good ah.Feel free to ask me questions!”Said to touch shan shan’s head, lying on the bed again.Shan looked at yi Xuan a little proud of the appearance of the sigh, “to cover the quilt!You’re so restless when you’re sick…”Said shan stood up and picked up the quilt slowly to yi Xuan cover, when ready to cover the sight of two people hit together.Want to what?Like in Alice’s wonderland, Shan suddenly fell into yi Xuan deep bottomless but clear visible eyes, inside she can see, only yourself.I don’t know what yi Xuan is thinking at the moment, but I don’t know why, looking at him like this, Shan can’t help but heartache, she wants to comfort him but she doesn’t know what to do now, after all, yi Xuan is because he was sick, she is the most selfish person.Shan closed his eyes, close to escape xuan lips, although wearing a mask, escape xuan can feel in the face of the mask is care and love, he smiled, “this mask is really in the way…”Yi Xuan slowly finish looking at Shan’s reaction.Abstract: Tang Keke knew Su Momqian in high school. This boy never felt close to her. He refused all ambiguity and only had eyes for her.Dull high school life, because of her, more than a surprise, more than a joy.Entering the university, they have experienced different shocking things and met different people in their favorite major.Turns to another story.Three meals a day, four seasons a year, I seem to think of you.The first period was math class, I looked up at the blackboard in a daze…The memory of home was still an upset.Inadvertently see Xu Qijin, just on his line of sight, he ducked away from the line of sight, I lowered my eyes, thought: “people will not be like this, there are things to hide.”The second section may be glasses wear for a long time, Xu Qijin pinched nose with index finger and thumb, the bell just rang, Xu Qijin gathered up to me, asked: “what’s wrong with you?”I smiled awkwardly: “No…”I got up to go to the bathroom and grabbed Chayos from behind.Section 3 “Coco, how do I feel…You’re acting weird today.””Why is it strange?”I don’t know…Oh, and…It seems you haven’t talked to Su Muqian for a long time. What’s wrong with you?””I look…Should I know him well?””…You are strange.”I shrugged my shoulders in the fourth quarter and said nothing.”Alas, recently Zhuo Shaocomb has been participating in the competition, I have no deskmate, good boring ah.”He complained.”Sit at the same table…Well, something else happened to me today that changed my mind…”I was about to tell Youyou, but then I thought, maybe that’s what he’s trying to hide, so should I keep it a secret for him too…”What?What did you say?”Xiayu he turned to look at me curiously.”No, suddenly.””Wow, you’re annoying, half of the words.”I smiled at her and said nothing.Behind us, Xu Qijin followed behind us, heard all the dialogue, smiled slightly, turned around into the men’s toilet.(click below can be read for free) a girl and proud jiao school grass love “turn a school grass do bridegroom”, you have to take the initiative to find me!Fellow fans, are you satisfied with the article recommended today?If you have any favorite genre or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below, and reply to each one!Past period wonderful content review: let readers through the night revenge “for you through time”, quality depth, fast collection of good-looking through the top ten list, recommend “Spy”, score 9.5 or more through the novel gao Gan recommended “false wife true love” : all over again, I will not love you, strong revenge