After giving birth to a child, zhu Zhu is more beautiful!Beautiful generous and confident, pure desire and light ripe coexist too eye-catching

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After giving birth, Zhu Zhu became even more beautiful!This was my first thought when I saw her emerge after giving birth. Zhu Zhu, 37, basically decided on the style of dress at the age of 25. To others, this approach is “painting a prison”, but to Zhu Zhu, it is “icing on the cake”.As always, beauty deepens people’s impression of her, just by her dress and temperament circle countless fans.Zhu Zhu is very goddess, speech goddess, dress goddess, which can be seen from this photo.Fixed case is in lens medium Zhu Zhu, beautiful and easy and dignified self-confidence, sexy wavy curl deserves to go up temperamental makeup look, thief has platoon face.Dressed in a bright red hoodie with a stand-up collar, she was light and smart, with a rosy complexion and superior temperament, unlike a 37-year-old.Juju goddess not only wears international clothes, but also has a very international figure. Although she has been living in Korea, she does not take white, thin and thin as her beauty.Choose skirt of suit of small sweet wind to appear of her, showed a figure advantage adequately, the figure that shows full full of slightly has outline feeling to have feminine taste again already, visual effect is super great, the essence luxury of suit of tight small sweet wind is advanced sense, be interpreted by her incisively and vividly, visual effect is super praise, use “feast for the eyes” four words describe her, a little not guilty.It’s not all makeup that gives Goddess Zhu Zhu her aura. Her signature wavy curls are one thing.Whether choose flat shoes or boots, Martin could walk out with the effect of the wind, flowing hair and spell able style sheet is tasted, let a person shine at the moment, very provocative, wearing a white shirt with purple high waist jeans she looks very professional, see this modelling, and instantly reminded me of her in the “elite” modelling, beauty to the “sour”.After giving birth to her baby, Joo Joo’s appearance and temperament have not changed at all. If she has to find a difference, she has to wear more clothes.After giving birth to a baby and catching the temperature drop in Beijing, zhu Zhu goddess will go out of the street in full gear. The gray hoodie and gray jeans are simple and comfortable. In order to keep warm, she can wear many thermal items, such as self-heating thermal clothes must be her favorite, with classic brown coat, chic and casual.Zhu Zhu will not take the initiative to choose which kind of single products, nor will she take the initiative to eliminate which kind of single products. This time, she chooses gray slim suit with black straight leg suit pants, and becomes an elite goddess in seconds, full of professional style.To highlight her gender, Goddess of Zhu Zhu chose low V to get and the design that receives a waist directly, can show clavicle to be able to show waist again already, won’t be considered easily by the person is the small transparent that does not have existence feeling.Zhu Zhu dress goddess is recognized things, that exactly why goddess, we have known it?No matter, next to give you an analysis, like her dressing style of young ladies, do not miss.Above all, goddess of Zhu Zhu dresses the tight sheet that chooses compact actively rarely is tasted, loose mop the ground is the representative characteristic that her upper body sheet is tasted, below the circumstance that height allows, everybody can copy copy this kind to choose money means, although be all black modelling, also can “depressive” change “vogue”.Secondly, Zhu Zhu goddess dress, never fool, whether she is pregnant during the daily private dress or pregnant later modelling, are able to withstand scrutiny.All the items she chooses are either the popular ones with memory points or the classic ones that are not easily out of date. In the overall collocation, she will use a variety of collocation skills, inside and outside loose, inside and outside loose, on the loose and on the loose are her favorite.Finally, Zhu Zhu goddess dress never choose too childish printing, basic solid color is her favorite, advanced foreign high saturation color is her alternative.If you are not allowed to scale, you can directly choose the first kind, if you are afraid of their matching skill is not enough, you can search zhu Zhu to wear, according to her single product selection, can take a lot of detours.Why does zhu Zhu goddess have no style and style restrictions?In fact, the reason is very simple, is that she loves fitness, although she does not pursue “white young thin”, but the basic figure to maintain some, in order to ensure the existing figure, she will take time to exercise every day.If you want to stay the same for a certain age, discipline yourself.I am build build, if you have confusion, can private letter I oh, also welcome message discussion!Follow build build learn to wear build, we become more excellent and more beautiful person together!Statement: editor millet, original text, picture source network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete, thank you!