Can the Lakers win in a row?

2022-05-25 0 By

Davis returned yesterday and scored his first goal of the game as the lakers beat the Nets 106-96.Davis, who played 25 minutes and scored eight points, two rebounds, two assists and four blocks on 3-of-8 shooting, didn’t dominate the game as James scored 33 points, seven rebounds and six assists and Monk hit six 3-pointers for 22 points.It was one of the easier games the lakers have won lately, and the lakers were all over the court and didn’t panic as much as they used to when they got close.This has a lot to do with the comeback of bushy eyebrows.The 3-for-8 shooting is obviously not the normal level of Eyebrow, after all, just back, need a process of adaptation, the outside world has psychological expectations for this, but as long as he stands on the court, is the opponent dare not ignore the check point.According to statistics, the lakers are shooting 1.6 percent better overall when Davis plays center, which is what he does to keep them in check.Even though his offensive efficiency is down this season, his defensive help for the lakers has been tremendous.Before His injury, the lakers were 10th in the league in points allowed per 100 possessions at 107.1.During his absence, the lakers have allowed 115.1 points over 100 possessions, seventh-worst.The height, wingspan and defensive coverage have helped the lakers’ natural lack of wings.His ability to move in the low post also solves rim protection problems that smaller lineups can’t solve.Yesterday nets game, for one, Davis in couple covered the harden, James and others responsible for help, this will not only delay the attack of the harden and passing, the lakers’ defense resources will also be able to obtain a more reasonable allocation, let everyone in defensive position correctly, to avoid in double or stay as rotation does not reach the designated position is three points for a scene.In the third quarter, after Davis fouled out with two straight fouls, Harden ran wild with nine straight points to disrupt the Lakers’ defense and cut the Nets’ double-digit lead to within two.It shows the importance of the eyebrows in the Lakers system.Tomorrow, the lakers will at 76 people, each other’s fierce than Germany’s recent form, he scores all over the past six games in more than 30 points, averaging can be scored 39 points, 11.8 rebounds, if there is no heavy eyebrows, the lakers Howard and small Jordan is no way to restrict the emperor, but now have a heavy eyebrows are different.When Embiid drifts outside, Embiid can play 4-guard, and when Embiid gets inside, Embiid can be a real center.The speed of movement is matched by the height of his eyebrows and the length of his arms, but embiid can be mentally intimidating.Whether or not the Lakers can hold embiid down will be a game-winner.If you like the game of gun, you should pay special attention to the physical condition of your eyebrows and the foul problem.It is worth mentioning that the 76ers will be without Seth Curry tomorrow, the 76ers will be without a strong point on the perimeter, and sabre and Green are expected to play at the same time, which will not help the big score.