Happy and polite, Shenyang Cordiac GT reduced 13.03%

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Car price early know: Liaoning Road official shop, Cordiac GT limited time special discount, March 30 – April 12, car purchase discount of 25,000 yuan, have the intention of buying a car friends might as well personally go to test drive, shop address: Shenyang Tiexi Road guanyi Street 16-1 dear Skoda owners, Skoda old friends pet season began!All the old friends who complete the saic Volkswagen Skoda official wechat member registration before 0 o ‘clock on April 8th and successfully tie their car information can get a repurchase coupon of 2,000 yuan and a gift coupon of 8,000 yuan for repurchase of Kodiac family car brand pet fans.Successful car purchase can be free in Shanghai KODAK member mall for home appliances and after-sales maintenance and other wayward gifts.As a member of SAIC Volkswagen Skoda official Account, you can also enjoy the exclusive service festival of SIjia, and more after-sales maintenance welfare vouchers such as discount maintenance, preferential cleaning and air conditioning.Our old friend, hurry up and join the association as soon as possible, let SAIC Volkswagen Skoda pet you!Loan to buy a car as low as zero down payment, the whole system of zero interest rate, loan to enjoy 3 years of zero interest rate.You don’t have to run around to buy a car, Skoda models have everything!Buy a car please look for 15 years reliable old shop!Activity time: on March 30, 2022 – April 7 ke Kodiak benefits: test drive the gifts: test drive of members at 50 yuan equivalent integral ritual: activities into the shop during the test drive sent exquisite test presents a millions of integral ritual: old customers to buy again, enjoy a total of 10000 yuan worth enjoy home integral gold card members: free upgrade gold hedging repurchase ceremony:New car customers get 3 years 20% discount repurchase product rights and interests maintenance upgrade gift: new car customers enjoy 5 years 5 times basic maintenance lifetime protection gift: new car customers can enjoy lifelong extended warranty gift easy car purchase gift: two years low down payment 0 interest rate dazzling car clothes gift: new car customers 888 yuan discount enjoy wonderful car clothes bag installation insurance gift:All new Cordiac is ordered through skoda tmall flagship store, and you can enjoy insurance subsidies.Established in 2007, Liaoning Luguan is the first agency of SAIC Skoda in China and a large flagship store in Liaoning Province.Liaoning road officer 15 years, sincere companions, trustworthy!Promotion time from March 30, 2022 to April 12, 2022 preferential conditions need to add decoration, in-store insurance, in-store loans, in-store replacement Cordiac GT latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Shenyang quotation TSI380Four-wheel drive flagship version 247,900 yuan 22,500 yuan 22,900 yuan TSI330 two-drive comfort version 191,900 yuan 22,500 yuan 166,900 yuan TSI330 two-drive luxury version 203,900 yuan 22,500 yuan 178,900 yuan TSI380Four-wheel drive luxury version 227,900 yuan 22,500 yuan 202,900 yuan