Intermittent attention!Chinese women’s football is worthy of respect, but there is no market and the mainstream still criticizes men’s football

2022-05-25 0 By

China came back from two goals down and two goals back to beat Japan in a penalty shootout to reach the Final of the Asian Women’s Cup in Beijing early Thursday.Fans across the country were jubilant, highlighting the brilliance of the women’s team compared to the poor performance of the Chinese men’s team in the round of 12 a few days earlier.In fact, there is a gap between the strength of the Japanese women’s football team, the FIFA ranking of the Japanese women’s football team is 13th, the Third in Asia, the FIFA ranking of the Chinese women’s football team is 19th, the fifth in Asia.In the match, the Japanese women’s football team had as many as 22 shots on goal with 6 on target, while the Chinese women’s football team had only 7 shots on goal with 2 on target.However, in the case of weak and strong, the women’s football girls fought to the end, showing strong enterprise and indomitable fighting spirit.Regardless of the final result, just look at the spirit level, the women’s soccer team is very admirable, which is what Chinese men’s soccer team lacks most.If, against the Japanese team, the national football team’s technical and tactical level is too big, want to force can not find the point of focus, but also understandable, against the Vietnamese team have played no blood, was very normal things after the criticism.No comparison, no harm, and now, as people pay homage to women’s football, it is also routinely used as a reference to mock the men’s team.However, this kind of attention to women’s football team has always been intermittent, only when the women’s football team beat the strong teams in the match, the good performance, people will think of this team, usually, few people will pay attention to the women’s super team.CCTV special reporter also wrote: “For women’s football, the whole people always pay attention to the competition, and then quickly drop off and no one cares.”This is embarrassing, but it is a fact that cannot be changed, for the simple reason that women’s football is far less attractive to watch and less marketable than men’s football. Chinese women’s football deserves respect, but there is no market for it.At this point, men’s football is actually more ashamed, they have such a good foundation, now even the Super League is a mess.They are still mainstream, but the mainstream is being criticized.The Chinese Football Association is to blame, every men’s football practitioners are responsible.