Late-night gossip: The fundamental difference between children’s gratitude and revenge

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Born man, there is no one who is not conceived by his mother in October, once he was born, his father grew up with all kinds of hardships and came to this world.As a result, having children and providing for the aged became one of the important things in ancient rites and music.During the feudal dynasties, it became the basic principles of morality and official duties to take care of the elderly, treat them well and inherit filial piety.The story of “governing the family with filial piety and governing the country with filial piety” has been handed down to this day!With the development and change of society, the way children treat the elderly is also changing, which has social factors as well as cultural changes.Only to support the elderly and children to become talented theory: one is to repay gratitude, the other is revenge.Why do you say that?In life, there are often bad children make mistakes, parents will complain that you are born to revenge their own.Savor, is the child’s behavior appeared small problems, parents burned, helpless, there is a sense of powerlessness, feel at this moment, the child is used to punish themselves.Almost all people, especially the Chinese, have in their bones the desire for their children to become successful and their daughters to become successful.But not everyone can be president and queen.It is natural that clever children make fools of themselves.When the parents are old and physically advanced, the children who keep beside them are often the ones who do not become talented. They eat three meals a day and guard the old man with the changing seasons.However, those who become talented are usually unable to develop in their hometown. They settle down in other cities and are busy with their work on weekdays. They cannot always guard their parents.In this way, the meaning of contrast, self-evident!Zhang Wenjing lives in Renze, Xingtai City, Hebei Province. Her eastern neighbors are elderly couples.Both are retired teachers with guaranteed pensions.They gave birth to a total of three children, two boys and a girl. The eldest was the successor, the second in charge of a public institution in the county, and the third girl was also married to the city.From the point of view of raising their children, there is no doubt that the old couple is a success. The three children have gone out, and everyone thinks so.At least the old couple must have a happy and warm life in their old age, because there is no lack of money and the two children are successful.In fact, things are worse than we thought.The second and third children had no time to take care of them while the two old people — oh, no, two old people — couldn’t take care of themselves.The eldest son was out, so the eldest wife took care of the two old men.At the beginning, the eldest daughter-in-law three meals a day past cooking and cleaning up, can be a model is not bad!But as time goes by, the eldest son’s wife changes.As the saying goes, “there is no filial son before a long hospital bed”, not to mention no blood relationship of the wife (just a case, do not spray if you do not like).The eldest son’s wife grew tired of it and began to dislike it.At this time the second and the third to discuss to sister-in-law every month evenly spread each 2000, a total of 4000 yuan to sister-in-law, let sister-in-law a person to take care of the elderly, sister-in-law also readily accepted.However, after a while, the greedy sister-in-law began to open her mouth, thinking that 4000 a month is less, and she wanted to add more.Therefore, the second brother and the third one decided not to rely on the sister-in-law, together, sent the two old people to a nursing home.After being sent to a nursing home, the eldest, the second, and the third did not go to see them because of their own affairs.Just two months later, the nursing home delivered the news.The old man accidentally fell and hit the ground again.The old lady was so confused that she could not recognize her acquaintances.Three successful married children hastily buried the old man, a few days later the old lady also suddenly accompanied, several people will be the old lady convergence.Old couple go, by their carefully trained children so treated!!Corresponding to this is Zhang Wenjing’s neighbor in the west, the family has only one son and daughter, and they are in the countryside, the conditions are relatively difficult.Due to difficulties, his son did not marry a normal wife. Instead, he married a woman who was not mentally sound, but sent her away because she could not bear children.When the old niang sick paralysis, son always guard in the mother’s side, never abandon, will take care of the old niang meticulous, thoughtful.In order to make the old woman happy and recover, the son took his mother as a child to his mother, became a model for everyone, but also by the respect of the village!In terms of success alone, the son of the family was born and raised in the countryside, without money or power, and could not even marry a normal wife. It can be said that the word “success” has nothing to do with it.However, this is a failed child, treat the elderly, take care of the elderly, inheritance of filial piety, practice, admirable.By contrast, the three successful children of the eastern neighbor.The success of children and repay kindness and revenge, is not a peep and see the whole ah?Those who understand will understand.Forest 11:21 PM on Saturday, February 5, 2022 at the north END of Gaomi Dian, Daxing District, Beijing