Lin Wu visited grassroots cadres and people on the eve of the Spring Festival

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Political # # shanxi Lin Wu the eve of the Spring Festival visits condolences to grassroots cadre masses emphasize take jinping general secretary of the great families to ensure that the people in hunan health stable and peaceful Spring Festival Chinese New Year Spring Festival is approaching, January 29 morning, party secretary, director of the standing committee of the provincial Lin Wu in-depth visits condolences victims at the grass-roots level and frontline staff,Inspected the epidemic prevention and control work during the festival, and sent Spring Festival greetings to party members, cadres and the masses of the province on behalf of the provincial Party Committee and government.He stressed that to fully implement the jinping general investigation research important indicator spirit, the development of the tree firmly centered on people’s thoughts, scientific and accurate for epidemic prevention and control work, arranging overall coal oil and gas transport security, fruits and vegetables such as well LiangYouRou, eggs and milk for stabilizing price, ensure that the people in hunan a healthy, stable and peaceful Spring Festival.Provincial leaders Li Fengqi, Wei Tao, Sun Hongshan attended.Nanqiaotou Village, Songgu Township, Jiexue City, was badly damaged in the autumn floods last year. Lin Wu came here twice to guide the disaster relief and reconstruction work and visit the affected people.Whether the villagers can live a good year, Lin Wu is very anxious.On the morning of May 29, he came to the village for the third time to learn about the warm conditions of returning villagers.Heard that the provincial party secretary came again, villagers an Haiying early guard in the village, took Lin Wu came to clean up a new home.See an Haiying courtyard high red lanterns, posted all kinds of red, furniture inside, warm and harmonious.Lin wu was pleased to say that General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the disaster-hit people at their homes during his first visit to Shanxi.We are deeply moved and encouraged by the general Secretary’s concern for the people.The Communist Party works for the people. We must always keep the people at the forefront of our minds, and make great efforts to address their urgent problems, worries, and expectations and do a good job of addressing their concerns.In the kitchen, “eight bowls” filled with fragrance, just out of the frying oil skin thin and crisp.See a family is making huamo, Lin Wu cheerfully join in.In the festive and peaceful atmosphere, Lin Wu gave you a New Year’s visit, I hope the villagers like hot hot steamed flowers as day by day.Villagers Lu Zengwen and An Chongzhou, whose houses were destroyed and farmland was flooded in the flood, have moved into a resettlement house built with the help of the government according to the policy.Lin Wu and Lu Zengwen’s family gathered together to ask about the recovery of production and life after the disaster and their plans for the New Year. They encouraged them to rebuild their homeland with diligence and create a happy life with unremitting efforts.At An Chong Zhou’s house, Lin Wu asked if the Spring Festival goods were ready, whether the room was cold, and what else needed help from the government.”A lot of the food, drink, clothing and clothing at home are provided by the government,” said An. “The house is warm and the heart is bright.”Lin Wu was very happy and told the local comrades to arrange the lives of the affected people well, especially for those who were severely affected and had difficulties in their families, they should give more care and help.Before leaving, the villagers gathered together, vied with each other to tell the changes in the village these days, and thanked the party and the government for their care and concern.Lin Wu went to all of them and wished them a happy New Year. He encouraged them to be more confident and live a prosperous life.Taiyuan Changfengdong Toll Station is one of the toll stations with the largest traffic flow during the Spring Festival Travel rush in Our province.Lin Wu came here to visit the front-line public security police and epidemic prevention and control workers, learn about epidemic prevention regulations, the composition of special teams and quarantine procedures, and experience code scanning information inspection on site.He pointed out that the acceleration of population movement during the Spring Festival puts greater pressure on people to prevent imports and rebound at home.You shoulder a great responsibility, undertake the mission of the glorious, always this epidemic prevention and control and traffic safety alert, constantly raise the scientific nature of the work precision, good safeguard people’s life safety and go to a doctor, supply, traffic and other basic life to need, conscientious finish good risk prevention, safety protection, maintaining stability of various tasks, keep firmly hold firm ground.The police officers on duty and epidemic prevention and control workers at the scene were greatly encouraged and warmly applauded.Lin Wu also came to the temporary rest room to inspect the living conditions of the personnel on duty, and told relevant departments to care for the front-line personnel, make scientific and reasonable arrangements for rest shifts, and do a good job of sympathy for their families.During the visit, Lin Wu stressed that General Secretary Xi Jinping made a special trip to Shanxi for investigation and research on the eve of the Spring Festival and visited grassroots cadres and people in a cordial way, which fully reflected the party leader’s deep concern for 35 million shanxi people and brought us great warmth and encouragement.We need to keep in mind the leadership’s advice, fully practice the thought of people-centered development, coordinate epidemic prevention and control, ensure supply and price stability, and ensure security. We need to bring General Secretary Xi Jinping’s care and warmth to every household and ensure that people across the province enjoy a healthy, stable and peaceful Spring Festival.Graphic production: Shanxi Radio, Television and Media want to know more exciting content, come to Shanxi Radio and TELEVISION and media