Sharp peak commandos for the lost old man illuminate the way home reunion

2022-05-25 0 By

“Thank you!On New Year’s Day, we can rest assured that you are here!”February 1 (New Year’s day) afternoon, ruili city residents excited to hold the hands of sharp peak commandos thanks.Originally, the day 14 xu, sharp peak commandos patrol to yunwhen gas station section, received the masses for help, found a lost old man at the gas station exit.The understanding is because the old man drove down, because unable to contact their families are carrying out patrol prevention and control of the sharp front commandos for help, in exchange with the old man, the team found the old man speak incoherently, not about the old man’s identity, home address and other useful information.Subsequently, the commandos fine inquiry, ease the tension of the elderly mood, and from the old man’s belongings to find their family contact phone number, information comparison and confirmation, through the telephone informed the elderly family.After waiting for the arrival of family members, the elderly and family members of the sharp peak commandos repeatedly thanked.After the old man went home with his family, sharp front commandos continue to patrol the area of prevention and control.During the Spring Festival, ruili public security will always maintain police presence, flashing lights, stick to their posts, timely investigation of all kinds of security risks, take the initiative to accept crisis assistance from the masses, and respond to emergencies at any time.Enhance the people’s sense of security satisfaction, to protect the people of Ruili city through a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.