Tang Dynasty monk a classic poem ode to plum blossom, write plum blossom indomitable character, fantastic

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Without a cold biting, how fragrant plum blossom.Tang Dynasty monk Huang Beris zen master “shangtang Kaixie Ode” a poem, write plum blossom that kind of unique personality, as well as indomitable character.Alleged plum blossom sweet comes from bitter cold, the more cold weather, plum blossom opens more exuberant, in the season of cold, plum blossom and snow are accompanied, do not meet fear cold.People have seen the uniqueness of plum blossom and regard plum blossom as a spiritual symbol. They also hope that they can be like plum blossom, no matter in what kind of environment, they can still live indomitably.Huang Beris monk is a Taoist monk, the poem borrowed plum blossom to express personal views, as well as the perception of life, for this poem more or less contains the philosophy.And these two sentences “without a cold biting, how fragrant plum blossom.”Is one of the most talked about.If you do not experience the cold winter, how can plum blossom have a tangy fragrance?Plum blossom is not afraid of the cold, the more cold weather, plum blossom more gorgeous, and also send out bursts of fragrance.In the eyes of ordinary people, the plum blossom may be just a very common flower, but in the pen of writers, the plum blossom is different.After all, there are so many things worth learning from Plum Blossom. We should know that everyone cannot be plain sailing and will always experience more or less setbacks and blows. At this time, we need a kind of faith.Plum flower brought hope to people in cold, when plum blossom in cold wind, opened gorgeous flowers, this also told the world, no matter what happened, the most important is to do yourself well, do not give up, only such ability can let oneself more powerful.The Tang Dynasty produced a large number of talented poets and monks, who lived in temples and led an ordinary life, but they still maintained the character of literati.Huang Beris zen master is one of the representatives, in fact, in addition to him, there are a lot of monks the same, such as another monk Qi Ji, is also an excellent poet, wrote “early plum”, the kind of amazing works.Ten thousand wood frozen to fold, lonely root warm alone back.In the deep snow of the former village, a branch opened last night.The wind passes the delicate fragrance, the bird peeping element yan comes.Next year if should law, first look at spring Taiwan.This little ZaoMei song is also eulogized the plum blossom, in order to highlight the uniqueness of the plum blossom, in an unusually cold winter, one day in the morning was just under the snow, snow everywhere, and saw the view JiJi, attracted by the beautiful snow, and he saw a plum tree in the snow, is quietly bloom, the gorgeous flowers, the view is extremely rare,So he went back inside and improvised this poem about plum blossoms.Qi Ji (863 — 937) was a famous monk in the late Tang Dynasty. He was born in Changsha, Hunan province, with the common surname Hu, courtesy name Desheng and alias Heng Yue Samen.”Early Plum” is one of his most popular poems. It revolves around an early plum blossom tree, in order to highlight the beautiful scenery of winter and the perseverance of plum blossom.Plum blossom seems common, but in the cold winter, it seems very unusual, so the poet regarded plum blossom as a spiritual sustenance, and wrote the uniqueness of plum blossom, as well as personal love for plum blossom.The whole poem is actually very easy to understand, the first and third couplet is directly express the feelings, write plum blossom on the noble character, as well as the personality of not afraid of cold;As long as a snowy day, wanmu can hardly bear the cold, most of the trees will be broken, plum tree is not the same, its root is very deep, underground heating, restore its life.The snow covered the earth, is full of thick snow, but plum tree, it is out of a gorgeous flower, so huan, so amazing.The neck couplet and the tail couplet in the back praise plum flower again. Such a description makes the poem more full and reflects the indomitable character of plum blossom. The description is more vivid.Every time slight wind has blown, still took bursts of light faint scent, plum blossom gorgeous, still let the bird be fascinated, secretly appreciate plum blossom in the air.Next year at this time, if the plum blossom, still can bloom on time, I hope it can open in the Spring platform, so that more people can enjoy the plum blossom.It can be seen from this poem, the poet is very fond of plum blossom, with the most beautiful words, to praise plum blossom, and write a unique beauty, but also expressed a good wish.Plum blossom is like this, seemingly very ordinary, but as long as you go to carefully observe, you will find it is not the same, can feel the charm of plum blossom, there is the kind of noble character plum blossom body.