Tesla’s next factory may not be in Shenyang, but there’s a good chance it will still be in China

2022-05-25 0 By

On February 11, liaoning number issued by the public in an article published an article entitled “heavy Yang city big east five gripper, to achieve the revitalization of development pioneer” of the article suggests that the tesla second factory is one of the potential locations of shenyang, this article lists the liaoning province want to accomplish five goals, and its subsequent steps are described.File put forward the plan of liaoning province development and improvement of several areas, such as the east pages retrofit solution area and the construction of cultural industry park, the fifth goal mentioned in the article the tesla, and said it would open up space for industrial development in liaoning, intended to “new energy vehicles such as tesla underpinning the landing major projects”.After the publication of the article, some media discussed that the deal between Tesla and Liaoning province may not be finalized, but some evidence also shows that many local governments are already vying for the location of tesla’s next factory in China.But according to the news released on February 14, sina science and technology, in view of the media reports the tesla’s second big east factory is located in shenyang in China of information for false news, and as a source of tesla settled in shenyang liaoning publishing have also delete the related content, things seem to become blurred by robot again.But while the Liaoning incident is anticlimactic, it makes sense for Tesla to set up another factory in China, given the success of the Shanghai plant. In tesla’s recent 10-K filing with the SECURITIES and Exchange Commission, Tesla reported $13.844 billion in revenue from the Chinese market in 2021,Tesla’s revenue in China has more than quadrupled since the Shanghai Gigafactory opened in 2019 (tesla’s revenue in China was $2.979 billion in 2019), and building another Chinese factory isn’t impossible with such high yields,In addition, the construction process of foreign factories has probably made Tesla know the importance of “China speed” for Tesla, which is also the reason why Tesla is constantly rumored to settle in China.Another point is that tesla’s long-rumored 160,000-yuan compact sedan will be produced mainly for the European market, while the U.S. market will produce the model3, model3 (fremont) and modelS, given that the factory in Berlin, which is not yet in operation, will produce the model3 and model Ely.Considering the situation of modelX (Nevada), Semi (Texas), and Cybertruck, it is inevitable that this model with huge sales potential will have a dedicated production plant. Considering the design center that Tesla recently set up in Beijing, it is highly likely that this dedicated production plant will be located in China.Although Tesla said that it is unlikely to produce new models this year, it does not mean that the research and development progress of relevant models will be greatly delayed. In addition, with the continuous rapid development of Tesla, it is likely that there will be a large number of news related to Tesla’s new cars in the next year or two. Moreover, China’s production and export of European models have been normalized.The European version of the compact is also likely to be produced at a domestic plant.As for the “Indian factory”, I am afraid that it will be difficult to make substantial progress except for the “confident” Indians on the Internet (the above is only the unilateral speculation of Che Wu Lin, for reference only).