“The Whole Laugh: The Princess Is Sexy again” is once again malnourished queen Muriel

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Hello everyone, xiaobian again to recommend novels, every day not regularly share a variety of pet text, abuse text, ancient speech, speech and other different types of novels, save your book shortage!I hope you have a special appearance, handsome, beautiful little brother little sister if you feel useful on the small series of articles like plus a concern yo.Xiaobian this is recommended for small partners: “a smile: proud Jiao Princess and sultry” once became malnourished palace abandoned queen Muer the first book: “evil emperor heart tip pet: ghost medical waste princess” author: Ye Zi introduction: genius ghost doctor, once through into no just no appearance no cultivation qualification of waste, how to do?One open eye, still provoke anger a peerless big beautiful male, the war king of obsidian country famous name!Exciting content: Your girls feel the cold meaning in the voice of the crown princess, not by each other.”The crown princess should not worry before the ninth hour.”A chuckle broke out.Your female turn a head to see, instantaneous breath a suffocate.I saw a woman in red walking slowly, bright and charming.The flowers in full bloom in the garden were less beautiful than her.Leaf light xuan eyes give birth to angry meaning.”Who is she?I dare to be more beautiful than her.The maidservant behind her immediately bowed down and said, “Crown Princess hui, all the maidservants invited to the banquet have arrived except Ye Tianyin, and the maidservant does not know who she is.”Leaf light xuan’s face sank.”Somebody, get rid of the trespassers!””Be.”All the guards answered, and came forward at once.”How dare you insult the Lady of Heaven!”Pinellia angrily rebuked, soul force agitation, a palm out, knocked over the guard rushed up.”Is she Ye Tianyin?How can this be!”Ye Light Xuan stared in disbelief.”Absurd, Ye Tianyin is the capital ugly woman.”Xi Zi’s face turned cold and he stood up and excoriated, “Who are you?”(click below read for free) the 2nd: “Secret agent jing Huang: evil yan beastle concubine” author: Burn forest introduction: special class secret agent once pass through, became the lonely and common female of prime minister mansion, deduct a case of money?These dozens of things, aunt I used to be a day into the daughter, look down on.What?The king chooses his concubine?That’s just right, and wait for me to “surprise hong now catch gold turtle.”But what seems to have gone wrong?You’re going to marry the king chongxi?I’m sorry, can’T I hide from you?Some male but drink tea leisurely say: “love princess, still accompany this king to see sunrise sunset bar.””Good” in charming sound, conveniently killed a few snack.”Husband, there are a lot of snakes and worms around you.Make your bug water for your wife!”Wonderful content: Chu Frost frost heart funny, what their own washing clothes yunyun is her nonsense.In fact, she had already noticed that some places of this pair of body have a lot of martial arts traces left, although Chu Frost frost knew that the original owner of this pair of body must have some secret, but she was puzzled, and had to temporarily press not to think about it.Ren Pingsheng gently helped Chu Shuangshuang into the carriage.The coachman, without any lifetime greeting, had already driven his horse towards the east city.Chu Frost frost asked in the carriage: “Your majesty, is this going to the GUI Palace?Do you not live at the palace?””Qing Xin dian is only my residence when I enter the palace, GUI Palace in fact early in the morning has opened the house.When the first emperor died, the king was still young, the empress Dowager was afraid that I was a young blind Lord in the GUI Palace was bullied by the servants, they put me in the palace of qingxin.Even now, I live here for the first half month and there for ten days.”(click below to read for free) the third book: “a smile in the city: proud Jiao Princess and sexy” author: Nanjiang nine-tail fox introduction: her name is Wang Mu, 18 years old sister, unexpectedly became a 14-year-old palace abandoned female Wang Muer, but this pair of body is too weak, a pair of malnutrition appearance!It’s just, this man who’s been hanging around her, who are you?Wang Muer looked around the bath, where screens were standing and white yarns were curling in the air. She knew that this was the bath of Xilange. She got up from the bath and found the bell falling asleep on the pillar beside her.Wang Muer walked over and squatted in front of Zhong Li Mu Yu, watching zhong Li Mu Yu sleeping.Black hair hanging on the ground, cold white face, long eyelashes like two beautiful fans, eye-catching tear mole is icing on the cake, thin lips closed, breathing steady and uniform, sending out the aroma of cherry blossoms.Wang Muer looked down and saw that Zhong Li Muyu was holding his fan in his hand. He touched his chest and found that the fan had disappeared, thinking that Zhong Li Muyu knew that she had got his fan and had now taken it back.Wang Muer playfully gently took the fan from Zhong’s hand and tried to take it out quietly.But unexpectedly, as soon as she touched the fan, She opened her eyes.Wang Muer looked at Zhong Limuyu’s clear and deep eyes, or took the fan in hand.”This fan is mine now.””Wang Muer said proudly. She opened the fan and looked at it with satisfaction, then turned it back. Zhong Li Mu Yu had no idea that Wang Muer liked it so much.This fan has been a token of the Lantern riddle on the Night of Chinese Valentine’s Day, wang Muer likes his fan so much, is it possible that he also has a good impression?A little nervous, Zhong touched the red bracelet on her hand and stared at Wang muer with dark eyes without speaking.”If your fan is mine, so are you!”Wang Muer said seriously to the hot sight of the rain on zhong Li Twilight.(Click below to read it for free) Today’s novel recommendation is over. If you have anything else to say to xiaobian, or want to share with you, please leave a comment below!Ancient words: “dear woman surprised the world” one time flow, but the flow of youth zhejiang “The Emperor still jilted: the devil Queen” she watched her legs blood, the end is tired “Star road Wolf: President please get out of the way” jade diva suddenly dry vomiting, angry kick male agent “rebirth of entertainment circle:The national goddess suddenly retched, the president of the empire directly embrace the car farming article: “Farmer’s small rich woman” dressed as a silly widow was swept out of the house, she took two children farming