The same amlodipine, why the price difference of more than 10 times?Cheaper drugs less effective?For you to answer

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I believe that many friends into the drugstore, will find such a phenomenon: clearly many drugs are marked with the same effect, and the audience is the same, but some drugs are more expensive than other drugs, and even the price gap can be pulled to several times, or even more than ten times.And with amlodipine, that’s the typical price difference.The same 5mg specification of amlodipine, some prices as low as 2.9 yuan, and some prices even as high as 35.8 yuan, which has existed a gap of about ten times.But if you look at the efficacy of the drugs, in the population, it’s pretty much the same.When patients in need come to purchase, they often hesitate between the two drugs, which is very hesitant and distressed.01 What kind of medicine is amlodipine?Many friends may not be too familiar with amlodipine, as the name implies, amlodipine, in fact, is a kind of dipine drugs.Dipine drugs, mainly used for the treatment of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, through the drug effect of dihydropyridine calcium ions, antagonistic effect, in order to achieve the purpose of dilating blood vessels, stable condition.At present, dipine is still one of the most widely used and popular antihypertensive drugs.Amlodipine, one of the best dipine drugs, came into the market in 1989. With a long history of medication and perfect formula, amlodipine is highly respected by doctors and all kinds of hypertensive people.So why is there still such a strange price difference for a drug with such a long history?02 The same amlodipine, why there is still such a huge price difference?In fact, there are two main reasons: – – Production types of different drugs production types are mainly divided into two kinds, respectively, the original research drugs and generic drugs.Amlodipine for medical treatment, for example, was originally developed by Pfizer. From scratch, it took more than ten years and over one billion DOLLARS to develop from compound to drug research.Therefore, amlodipine produced by Pfizer belongs to the category of original research drugs, which has various costs such as development cost and customs entry cost, and the price is naturally higher.The other kind of generic drug, amlodipine, is mostly developed according to existing pharmacies. There is no research and development cost, less capital investment, and the price is cheaper.Different Drug Policies In China’s drug procurement, there are a variety of policies for the benefit of the people, two of the most well-known, are medical insurance and national centralized procurement.Needless to say, patients can enjoy a nice subsidy when buying drugs.The state centralized procurement of drugs, through the “volume for price” way, can also lower the price of drugs, in order to achieve the purpose of benefiting the people.However, amlodipine produced by different manufacturers is involved in different policies and regulations. Therefore, some amlodipine receives more subsidies, so the price will be lower, while some amlodipine does not have corresponding policy value, and the price change will be relatively small, so it will be more expensive.To sum up, the price difference of amlodipine is not related to the drug itself, but more to the reasons of origin and policy.But because of the large population of hypertension in China, we are more cautious in medication, adhering to the principle of “cheap not good”, a lot of patients think that cheap amlodipine is worse than expensive amlodipine efficacy, is this true?03 Cheap amlodipine has poor efficacy?Is it true?Such a claim is untenable.In China, both the original drug and the generic drug must go through the consistent evaluation of quality and efficacy before they can be listed.In China, there are about 10 pharmaceutical companies producing amlodipine, such as China Resources, Huanghe, Jingxin, etc. All of their amlodipine products have reached the consistency evaluation standard and obtained the listing qualification.In other words, patients can rest assured that as long as you can purchase amlodipine through formal channels and meet your own drug needs, there will be no hidden dangers such as efficacy gap, and please rest assured to choose.Of course, after choosing medicaments, take medicaments to also need to follow corresponding item and regulation, for example the time that take medicine, detect blood pressure change, regular doctor seeks advice to wait, it is to need to treat seriously, take medicine do not be careless, maintain oneself health is most important.Reference: [1] Ma Yongyi.[2] Wu Z P, Chen X J, Wang X Q, et al. Clinical efficacy and drug price analysis of three commonly used combined hypotensive regimens [J].Chinese Medicine, 2007, 2(12):2