Before the Festival, wuhan Good people circle visited the families of moral models, model workers, veterans and seriously ill patients in Han

2022-05-26 0 By

Off-year approaching, the old cold feeling warm.On January 26, hubei Red Cross Foundation and Wuhan Good People Circle Volunteer Service Association (hereinafter referred to as “Wuhan Good People Circle”) visited the homes of national moral models, national model workers, veterans of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and seriously ill family patients to send warm Spring Festival greetings to them.On-site activities, the Red Cross foundation, to join hands in wuhan, hubei province staff visited the national moral models together the good circle tian-xiang wu, zheng-yan wang, the national special labor model dong-sheng li, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the country Liao Yinhai commemorative medal winner, the Anti-Japanese War veterans, riverbank district in wuhan city moral models Zhang Daqing old comrades, at the same time of send New Year wishes,Also for these veteran comrades to send New Year supplies and condolence money.It is understood that over the years, Wuhan Good People Circle has been committed to giving a helping hand, sending medical services and door-to-door services to the social difficult groups, which has produced a good influence and appeal in the society.Because of this, the above model figures are not only the objects of wuhan good man circle for many years, but also the influence of Wuhan good man circle and eventually become a member of Wuhan good man circle.Even though they are old and weak and suffer from various chronic diseases, these exemplary figures in Han still want to devote their spare time to the cause of voluntary service.When wu Tianxiang saw the staff of Hubei Red Cross Foundation and Wuhan Good People Circle, wu Tianxiang said happily, “Good people Circle has done a good job in volunteer service. The commendable thing is that it has persisted for several years. The strong volunteer spirit has a great influence on the society.I greet the volunteers and wish you all a happy New Year in advance!”Wang Zhengyan said that every festival, wuhan good people circle volunteers will come to see her, for this, she is very grateful to the heart of charity and public welfare wuhan good people circle volunteers, but also hope to continue to inherit the spirit of the good people circle, will “a city good people, moral high ground” brand wipe more bright.Hou Lixin, who is in charge of wuhan Good People Circle, said that the activity was organized by hubei Red Cross Foundation and Wuhan Good People Circle. The main purpose of the activity is to highlight the positive energy of society and make the cold winter no longer cold.In 2022, wuhan Good People Circle will continue to carry out services for the elderly, so that the elderly can enjoy health services at home.(Correspondent Guo Yufei)