Ecological bidao becomes a good place for citizens to relax

2022-05-26 0 By

Corner of Man Lee Pik Road Construction Project.In recent years, Chaoyang District combined with the comprehensive regulation of Lianjiang river, strictly in accordance with the provincial and municipal wanlibi road planning objectives and time nodes, vigorously promote the construction of ecological corridor “clear water green shore, fish gliding shallow bottom, egrets swarm”.At present, tidewater Creek Bidao project (moat section, Jinzao section), Lian Jiang Bidao construction project (Meihua Wetland Park to heping old bridge section) has completed the construction task, become a good place for citizens to leisure and entertainment during the Spring Festival.Practice Jiang Bi recently, the reporter in the road construction project (plum wetland park to peaceful old bridge), ecological corridor lights at night, the plum blossom ancient ferry, small mazu park, lanterns Jiang Ying three landscape points bring out the best in each other, in the various tourist attractions on the parapet wall as the wall paint of element exceptionally strong, attracting surroundings leisure stroll.Ms. Zheng, a citizen, said: “The surrounding landscape, as well as flowers and trees to the feeling of people are particularly good, we can take a walk entertainment place.”The reporter learned that the lianjiang Bidao construction project (meihua Wetland Park to Heping Old Bridge section) is 6.5 kilometers in length. According to the concept of low intervention and micro transformation, it focuses on creating a corridor and three sections, namely 6.5 kilometers ecological bidao, Meihua ancient crossing, Little Mazu Park and lantern river shadow. The construction has been completed and put into use.At the same time, the completion of the wanli Bidao construction task and tidewater Creek Bidao project (moat section, Jinzao section).Among them, the moat section is 9 kilometers in length, supporting retaining wall slope protection, slope protection and grass planting, enclosure railings, walking path, running path, etc.The jinzao section is 13.9 kilometers in length, benefiting 19 villages along the way, with 13 new Bridges and culverts, 13.9 kilometers of concrete pavement, and grass slope protection and greening on both sides. At the same time, a new viewing platform is built in the square in front of the bridge, providing a new choice for leisure and sports for the surrounding people.With the acceleration of the construction of Wanli Bidao project, chaoyang District has basically formed a bidao network covering the whole district, and gradually presents the achievements of ecological civilization construction of harmony between human and water.Chen Shenghong, head of the river and lake work unit of chaoyang District Water bureau, said that the area will actively promote the bidao project construction in accordance with the deployment and requirements of the superior, among which the preliminary work of Lianjiang Tongyu section and Beigang River Tongyu section has been basically ready, and it is planned to start construction in March this year, and the Tidewater Creek Guanbu to Mianbei section is planned to start construction in June.Source: Shantou Daily