Hezhonghui rich: next week to meet the rhythm of choice, a direct rebound go?

2022-05-26 0 By

1, Friday, the market took a shock higher, this is much stronger than expected, of course, this strong, mainly reflected in the last hour of the end, before this trend, more in line with the high shock, the morning and afternoon of the two periods of pull up did not last.And look at the amount, we will see more clearly, the first three hours today, the transaction almost shrank, lower than Wednesday, the standard amount, which is also in line with the shock at the time, but after 2 points higher, there is a amount, this is also a reason for the end can continue, is also a different moving point.2, review this week’s market, gem on Monday oversold rebound, blocked failure, on Tuesday to try to rebound, successful rise, track stocks led;On Wednesday, the track division, steady growth of local relay wheel;Thursday, steady growth differences, track stocks again round;On Friday, the track stocks again turn diverging, which is in line with this week’s wheel rhythm, the rest of the relay to see who come out, there is a relay, high concussion to maintain.Then, on Friday, a pile of relapses came out: the concept of computing power and data center. On Friday, it exploded as scheduled, because it launched the East and West Calculation, which is a large project with an annual investment volume of several hundred billion yuan. From the previously hyped digital economy, it has been transferred into the new infrastructure with steady growth.Coal, also has a strong performance, because the elder brother made a text, coal to eliminate backward production capacity, the news has stimulation;Real estate, also have performance, because heze will be down payment to 20%, if the default above this action, means that real estate and valuation repair space.On Friday, as it were, the direction of the relay, most has the support of the message, and then for a period of time, market entry before march meeting time, under the condition of steady growth to determine the power, the meeting + congregations message is expected to have from time to time, the stability of the market are indirect help, because as long as there is active, the local market rose not go aside, at least it is not easy to fall or not to continue,Because the local active, to the mood is supportive.For next week, the market will usher in a key choice of pace.One possibility is that the second fall did not, the second half of the week of the amount of two (Wednesday, Friday), is a deformation of the second step back, next week the market began to shock higher, even if there is a shock, is also the form of resistance, of course, if so, the amount of next week can have continued to rise;Another possibility is that at the beginning of next week, it will fall again, which is expected to be the original rhythm, and then fall, before the start of a new wave of rebound stage.Personally, the probability of the first trend is gradually increasing, which is also the end of the abnormal move to support, early next week need to pay attention to this trend of expectations, if the performance of the early next week pull, and then correct, according to the original rhythm of the expectation to reference.But no matter what the trend, the subsequent recovery is worth looking forward to, which is also a point of confidence.4, operation, at the beginning of next week to make two preparations, if the beginning of next week, the performance continues to be strong (at least one hour), it is necessary to adjust the train of thought, to shock rebound train of thought to do;If the beginning of next week, direct resistance, need to fall after the shock, and then actively.None of the views and suggestions herein shall constitute investment advice on securities trading.Under no circumstances will We guarantee or commit any investment in any form.The stock market has the risk, the investment needs the caution!