Jinan has provided 52,934 pairs of TCM preventive decoction free of charge to key areas and key personnel

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Jinan Municipal Party Committee and Government held a press conference on April 27 to update the city on epidemic prevention and control.The reporter learns from the conference, the reporter learned from the meeting, in the face of this epidemic, jinan first organization to mobilize the whole city medical institutions of traditional Chinese medicine to take an active part in the prevention and treatment in patients with confirmed by combining traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment, the two patients in stable condition, the key area at the same time, focus groups and the control line to 52934 free herbal medicine to prevent one.Jinan WeiJianWei party deputy secretary and deputy director, deputy director of the municipal administration of traditional Chinese medicine Yang Yuhua introduction, the epidemic prevention and control of traditional Chinese medicine efficacy in the prevention and control of the early treatment of fully affirmation, in the face of the epidemic, round of jinan first organization to mobilize the whole city medical institutions to actively participate in the prevention and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the prevention and control level forward.Participated in the medical treatment of confirmed patients.Jinan TCM medical treatment leading group and expert group have been set up to organize provincial and municipal experts to treat confirmed cases with TCM syndrome differentiation in the first time, and determine the treatment plan of integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine.Both patients are in stable condition.To formulate TCM prevention programs for different populations.According to the characteristics of the COVID-19 epidemic and the high incidence of influenza in winter, the Municipal Health Commission (Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine) organized provincial and municipal TCM experts to give full play to the unique advantages of TCM disease prevention and refer to the relevant clinical experience of TCM treatment in China, combined with the pathological characteristics and climate characteristics of different populations in Zhuhai.Set issued in 2022 by the jinan spring flu, will be coronavirus pneumonia Chinese medicine prevention plan, according to the general population, pregnant women, children, the elderly, such as the special groups, chronic respiratory diseases, basic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease patients, close contacts and close contacts and a line of post staff groups such as the actual situation,Different epidemic prevention schemes were formulated, three kinds of TCM prevention prescriptions were formulated, TCM characteristic acupoint massage, moxibustion therapy, prescription of medicated diet, fumigation and foot bath, and the development of distemper sachets were provided, and prevention suggestions were given from aspects of daily life.Provide TCM preventive decoction to key groups free of charge.The city mobilized TCM medical institutions to fight the epidemic.The promotion of epidemic prevention and control knowledge should be strengthened by means of brochures, white paper and billboards.Meanwhile, TCM preventive decoction will be provided free of charge to key areas, key groups and front-line prevention and control.As of 12:00 noon today, Jinan TCM Hospital, Hongjitang Smart TCM Pharmacy and other TCM medical institutions have provided 52,934 TCM preventive decoction free of charge to 13,328 people in need in key management areas, people in centralized isolation, and people in high-risk positions, contributing TCM forces to fight the epidemic prevention and control.(Sun Yewen, dazhong Daily client reporter)