Repeated attacks of baby tonsillitis?Expert: don’t be in a hurry to cut, learn these 3 moves, or can heal

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Tonsillitis is a common disease in pediatrics. Many children suffer from repeated attacks of tonsillitis.Let parents in surgical resection or drug treatment made difficult, although surgical resection can avoid children’s hardship, but also worry about whether there are side effects after surgery, not surgical resection, running back and forth to the hospital, eat so many drugs, is also a kind of torture for children.Why is tonsillitis prone to repeated attacks why is tonsillitis prone to repeated attacks?Children’s tonsillitis is characterized by tonsil enlargement as soon as they get sick, and sometimes it is simply tonsil enlargement.In a word, tonsils are very easy to make trouble when the baby is weak, and brush the existence of the feeling.In fact, before the baby is 3-5 years old, the tonsil is an important immune organ, it secretes amygdala body fluid contains a large number of lymphocytes to resist the invasion from external pathogens.Its location is cleverly distributed at the intersection of respiratory tract and digestive tract. Bacteria, viruses and other pathogens from oral and respiratory tract first undergo the defense and strangling of the tonsils.Tonsillitis occurs when the invading pathogen is strong and the amygdala has to be especially active to resist it.So this is why the baby cold, fever, diarrhea and so often easy tonsil inflammation.If the treatment is not thorough, or the baby did not pay attention to health, tonsillitis is easy to repeat.Tonsillitis is caused by pathogen infection, and its therapeutic effect is related to whether the pathogen is completely removed, whether there is close contact with the pathogen at ordinary times and the strength of the baby’s immune regulation ability.Treatment of tonsillitis, pay attention to the following 3 points, can receive better treatment effect.1. The pathogens causing tonsillitis are divided into bacteria and viruses, and there are differences in the use of drugs for different bacteria or viruses.Same person, tonsillitis was bacterial this time, next time it could be a virus, or another bacterial infection.Therefore, it is very important to see a doctor in a regular hospital to clarify the cause of the disease and use targeted drugs.Another is to sufficient amount of medication, tonsillitis caused by bacterial infection as an example, medication to 10 days as a course of treatment, until the bacteria completely removed.Here, the examination results are generally used as the standard for drug withdrawal, because when the bacterial density is greatly reduced, the symptoms caused by tonsillitis will be relieved or even disappear, creating an illusion of recovery.Bacteria continue to proliferate after drug withdrawal, which will lead to repeated illness in the short term.2, pay attention to oral hygiene baby explore the world around, like hand and mouth.Moreover, children have a wide range of activities, and their hands are easy to accumulate dust and germs. If they do not develop the habit of washing their hands frequently, they will also lead to bacteria and viruses and other pathogens touching food and eating into their mouths.Therefore, pay attention to oral hygiene, can not only be limited to brushing teeth above, but also to help the baby to overcome the love of fingers, toys into the mouth, or do not wash their hands before eating.3, improve the baby’s immunity baby’s immunity is a process of gradual enhancement, the enhancement of immunity and adequate nutrition, moderate exercise and enough sleep has an inseparable relationship.In daily life, pay attention to the reasonable collocation of baby diet, balanced diet;The baby is usually lively and active, do not excessively limit the baby’s activities, do not let it overwork, to enhance physical help;In addition, to ensure that the baby’s sleep duration and sleep quality.In short, it helps babies develop good living habits.If the above nursing treatment, tonsillitis is still very serious, repeated attacks, after the doctor evaluation of the need for surgery, surgery is not not a better option.At present, tonsillectomy generally adopts minimally invasive surgery, with little damage and good recovery.In addition, tonsillectomy is also an option, which can remove part of the tonsils and reduce the blockage of the throat.