Should school bullies fight back if they get hit at school?That’s a great answer

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Bullying is close to our campus, because everyone came from students era, even if they do not have first-hand experience but a classmates maybe someone is experiencing bullying, because we always have a class at school is not on, often want to yourself is not bullying, but look on coldly, seems to be a part of it.Today let’s talk about what to do about bullying.1. Timely against bullying people who are at least ninety percent of people don’t tell the teacher or parents, but choose to forbear, afraid to tell the parents the teacher after being bullied more miserable, actually, for the campus bullying has a little bit later will say no in a timely manner, rather than silence, the strike back still have to fight back, resolutely fight back, should have ego to protect consciousness,Self-defense is at least as important as physical and mental health.2. It is very important to seek the help of teachers or parents for physical and mental health, and it is easy to go astray if you do not pay attention to it. If you cannot solve things, you should tell the teacher in time.For some parents some “why do they bully you not bully others” “is there something wrong you do” such comments should be strangled in the cradle, because we can not guarantee that some children are children, some children are evil.We need to let our children know that home is a harbor and a place to lean on.3. To seek legal protection in insult is not necessary to face anyone, for the damage, there is no need to bear, there is no reason to bear, everyone should pay for what you have to make, regardless of age, the only thing causal, because bullying has been breaking the law, the protection of the legitimate himself is the best weapon., small make up for this topic as bullying should fight back, why not be played back come back, but does not mean dirty fight back, after all, is now a society under the rule of law, can be justifiable defence, was hurt is hurt, not an airy sorry can resolve contradictions, absolutely can’t mention lightly, not seeing not afraid,An eye for an eye is the truth, no one has the obligation to bear the harm of others, physical and mental health, physical health is indispensable!